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Working Mom Schedule: 5 Benefits to Planning Your Days

Hi friends and welcome back to the blog! Today I have a treat for you – a post from my dear friend, Donna, from More Than A Mommy Blog, about working mom schedules and how planning your days can truly benefit you and your kids!

My friend Donna knows all about schedules and planning as she is a businesswoman and a mother to four precious children (3 girls and 1 boy). Donna is a healthcare professional with a Masters Degree in Healthcare Administration but is also a businesswoman with her blog!

She’s as sweet as pie, and truly so determined to chase her dreams and encourage other women to do the same, mommy-status or not. On her blog, she says, “We as women need to realize that no matter the situation or obstacle, mommy or not, we all have the potential to chase our dreams and to make them come true. Support is key, and sister, I got you!! In this blog you will find inspiration, encouragement and advice to help you be the best mommy and woman you possibly can. It takes a village and we are all in this together.

So, mama, let’s get right into it! Here is my good friend Donna’s take on the benefits of having a schedule as a working mom! Enjoy!

Working Mom Schedule: 5 Benefits to Planning Your Days

I have always been told to make a schedule and stick to it. Maintain a consistent structure and things will work out better. I tried this method for myself here and there, but I’ve always been a do it as you get to it type of person. This worked for me, but once I became a parent and tried that same method, I was in for a rude awakening!

I became a stay at home mom two years ago. I had this fabulous dream of how I was going to take care of the kids, keep the house clean, have dinner on the table, start my business and everything else in between. This was not really planed out because I would just do it as i got to it.

The first few weeks were successful because it was all new to me and I had the excitement and energy to make everything work. But after the excitement wore off and the real stay at home mom duties kicked in, I was all over the place.

Laundry was piling up, kids were barely taking naps anymore and I realized I had forgotten to thaw out the chicken for dinner (not to mention I knew that I still had to pick up my other two kids from the bus in an hour and I only had one line written for my business letter that must be emailed by 4:00pm).

The stress level was building because everything was out of control. I called my mom out of frustration and she gently told me, “You are going crazy because you do not have a schedule. You have not planned anything out for the day. Start scheduling your days. You need it for you and for your children.” I took her advice and began to plan out my days.

5 Benefits Of Making A Schedule

1. You Know What To Expect

I found that children operate best when they know what’s coming next. Well, I found the same thing applies to myself. Having my dinner planned out the night before helps, so if there are things to be prepped, I am able to do that and it makes the cooking process much easier.

2. Helps Maintain Consistency

Consistency is so important to children. If there is a schedule set in place, the child’s behavior is better and they adjust well to the next thing. Consistency is also important for parents because it will allow structure to be developed in your life and more things can get accomplished.

3. Regulates Your Body

The fact that I no longer have to fight with the kids about nap time and bed time have helped tremendously. Due to maintaining a sleep schedule, their little bodies have adjusted and when it’s time for bed, they are already tired. Once they are asleep, I have a quiet house and time to focus on the work that I need to do. This also allows quality time for my husband and I.

4. Teaches Responsibility

Cleaning the house can be a task with four children. So to reduce the stress on myself, I get them to help me. I assign each of them a job and there are specific days for each task. This gives the kids structure and teaches them how to clean. It also teaches them responsibility because they know what is expected of them and that it’s their job to complete it. Can’t beat having responsible kids and a clean house.

5. Allows You To Prioritize And Be Productive

Trying to run the household, maintain the kids and everything else in between, can make it hard to run my business. But prioritizing helps me to be productive. When the kids are doing activities, eating and sleeping, I am able to get the important things completed at that time.

Try It Out For Yourself

So if you feel you are being unproductive and things are not flowing smoothly, get yourself a planner and schedule out your days. Create your routine, fill in your tasks for certain times and I promise you, your days will become more productive. You will notice a change for the better in yourself and in your children.

I do advise that you embrace flexibility. Even with a planner, the unexpected will happen from time to time. Don’t get discouraged, it happens to all of us. Just be disciplined and get back on schedule the best way you possibly can. I hope this helps you. Happy scheduling!!

Take Aways

Well, I don’t know about you mama, but I am so ready to get back into scheduling and planning! Donna really has convinced me that this is the best way to go about reducing the feeling of chaos in our days as moms!

If you are on the hunt for a good planner (whether you are a working mom, stay at home mom, or anything in between), check out The Busy Woman’s Planner on Etsy. It’s my go-to all-inclusive printable planner made just for busy women, like you! (I also have a similar version for businesswomen, called the SMBOP Planner, here.)

Thank you, Donna, for this insightful post about scheduling our days as mamas and how planning our days will benefit us and our kids! I really appreciate you (and I know everyone else who is reading this does, as well).

Remember, you can read more from Donna by going to More Than A Mommy Blog now – and please say hi to her & subscribe to her email list so you never miss her posts!

Next Steps

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Kaitlin Ellis
2 years ago

I can relate to this on all levels! Being a teacher, I have to have a plan for everything, and I run my house the same way!

2 years ago

These are great tips for staying focused while working from home! Iโ€™m a teacher and blogger, and I plan to use a schedule this summer to build my blog and stay on track. Thanks ?

2 years ago

I think that your #5 reason is the one that really nails it for me! Planning things out the night before letโ€™s me jump right into the next day without spinning my wheels wondering what to do!

Sara - Seek Discover Learn

Having a schedule and sticking to it is so important. I also have 4 kids, ages 11, 10, 8 and 4. The thing that has helped me the most is to schedule a specific time in the day that each of my older 3 have one-on-one time for an hour with my 4-year-old. That gives me a 3-hour “break” from her so that I can get some work done.

2 years ago

great tips. I am wayyy more prdoctive if i have written down a plan and working from home with little kids is no joke! Its tough! but having a plan helps for sure.