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Top 10 Tips to Jumpstart a Healthy Lifestyle | How I Lost 30 Pounds

Today, I’m going to tell you exactly how I lost 30 pounds (video below) – but more importantly – how I became the healthiest version of myself that I could possibly be.

Believe it or not, I used to weigh 30 pounds more than I do right now. There are a lot of reasons for this – but I will tell you, the number one reason I lost all of that weight was because I adopted a plant-based lifestyle.

Being healthy is not something that happens overnight. In fact, like any good thing, it takes time to be healthy and stay healthy – and to completely change the way you live to reflect a healthy lifestyle.

I have ten tips for you that will jumpstart your healthy lifestyle. These ten tips are super easy! They really are simple. They are doable. They are practical. And they are the small steps that you can take to begin your journey to ensuring you become as healthy as possible – and stay that way.

Will you lose 30 pounds? That’s hard to say. Some of you may not have 30 pounds to lose! Some of you may have more than 30 pounds that you can spare. But what I can guarantee, if you adapt these ten new ways of living, is that you will be (and will continue to be) the healthiest version of yourself. Period.

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Top 10 Tips to Jumpstart a Healthy Lifestyle:

1. Wear Sneakers Every Day

Wearing sneakers ensures that you are always ready for activity. I started doing this over a year ago and find it very hard to be “lazy” when wearing sneakers daily!

These are my favorite sneakers/running shoes. I wear them constantly! They are super comfy and sturdy. Perfect for every day wear. Brooks shoes are known for being very high-quality, comfortable shoes.

2. Wear Activewear Every Day

Along the same lines, when wearing activewear, you are subconsciously telling yourself to be active. With sneakers and activewear, it is very hard to remain inactive. Try it out.

Check out my post on the top 16 leggings for all body types and occasions on Amazon now!

3. Meal Plan

Meal planning is one of the easiest and tried-and-true ways to get healthy and to stay healthy. It doesn’t have to be hard. See my resources on meal planning to get started today.

4. Try Plant-Based

Plant-based diets are not just a fad, they are a way of life and a way to reduce the chances of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Try one plant-based meal a week to start.

Like I mentioned earlier, I attribute my plant-based diet to the reason why I lost 30 pounds. But, it did more than just cause me to lose weight. Read more about it here in my recent blog post about the benefits of being plant-based.

5. Cut Down on Medications

Some medications are necessary. Others are not. Some can be cut down in dosage. Talk with your doctor on minimizing the amount of medicines you regularly take.

6. Try Essential Oils

Essential oils are natural plant-based therapy human beings have been using for health reasons for thousands of years. They work (in my opinion). Give them a try today for a more natural living.

7. Limit Processed Foods

Processed food is obviously bad for you. Perhaps by cutting down processed food, rather than trying to completely eliminate it, you can start on a road to a healthier you. Baby steps.

8. Produce on Sundays

One tip for staying healthy is to designate Sundays as the day you prep all of your produce. Cut fruits and vegetables after cleaning them, and store into individual containers in the fridge for easy access.

9. Stay Hydrated

Hydration is key to a healthier you. Keep a water bottle filled at all times and both in your fridge and in your go-bag. Having easy access to water will help you to stay hydrated more easily.

I recently wrote a post about exactly how to stay hydrated every day. You can read it here.

These are my favorite reusable water bottles and these are my favorite reusable water cups.

10. Rest One Day a Week

Our bodies and minds need rest. Dedicate one day a week to resting completely and fully. This will help you to be energized and emotionally ready for health during the rest of the week.

Take Aways

So, try it. Try these ten tips. Start with the first one, then move on slowly to the second, third, and so on. Eventually, you will be living a healthy lifestyle without even feeling as though you’re trying.

I have a little something special for you today, too. I have made a FREE Printable “Small Steps that Lead to a Healthier You” to encourage you on this journey. All ten steps are included in this printable. Hang it up somewhere where you go everyday and start living this new, healthy lifestyle. It’s yours free, just for stopping by today.

Want more FREE Printables? Make sure you check out my FREE Resource Library with things like Meal Plans, To-Do Lists, and more. You’ll love it.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading, friends. Take care.

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Desiree at Fitmomology

Excellent tips! Great read! Thank you for sharing!

Diane Kurzava
2 years ago

Great tips and all are so true! Thanks!

2 years ago
Reply to  Leslie W.

I love your tips! I switched to a plant based lifestyle for health reasons. As a result I changed my health AND lost weight. I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been. There’s no going back for me.

2 years ago

I found #2 interesting I think most people wear active war because it’s comfortable and they’re lazy LOL But I like your thoughts of it being with a purposeful mindset. That’s a horse of a different color… πŸ˜‰

2 years ago

Thank you for these tips! Some of these I already incorporate as I am too on my weight loss journey πŸ™‚ I am down 12 pounds; just a few more until my goal weight!

2 years ago

These are great tips. I find prepping on Sunday is great except that some of the produce doesn’t last as long once cut up.

2 years ago

These are fantastic tips! Essential oils are so great! I love a combination of Citrus oil and Rosemary oil first thing in the morning. I love the idea of easing into plant-based eating instead of just going all in at once. I’ve been becoming more intentional about adding more fresh veggies to our meals lately, so that’s at least something. I’m down 20 lbs so far.

2 years ago

I like every one of these tips. Congrats on the weight loss and health journey!

Tricia Snow
Tricia Snow
2 years ago

These are great tips! I use many of them already. Prepping and planning is so important. We make our worst decisions when we are rushed!

2 years ago

My daughter went on a 1200 calorie diet and lost 35 pounds. It is hard to follow though but she has stuck to the lifestyle.All of your suggestions are on point we have been learning how do incorporate it into our daily life. Thank you for sharing.

2 years ago

Leslie, first off wonderful blog hands down. You have a way of getting it out there without offending someone and I love it. I also enjoy that you said β€œin my opinion,” so that way it didn’t cause an issue. You are right though, If you wear activewear you have more of a chance to get active, but then again people don’t wanna be dressed like that all the time, so maybe a good suggestion would be to have a spare bag in the car with activewear Incase you decide to go for a run or do something out of the ordinary. Seriously though, great job.

2 years ago

Great tips and advice to start a healthy lifestyle!

Ramae Hamrin
2 years ago

I do most of this and eat a plant-based diet, but I don’t take the time to prep the veggies. I really should try this. Would make the weekly meals so much easier. Great tips! Thank you ?

2 years ago

Agreed! Wearing sneakers makes it easier to get your steps in! Congrats on your healthy self!

2 years ago

With these tips would be easy to start a plan to a healthier lifestyle!

2 years ago

Nice tips! I’m working on drinking more water right now!

2 years ago

I would love to do more plant based options, but I have a meat & potatoes kind of husband. He always complains it’s never filling enough when I try it ☹️. I think I need to just keep trying new things!

2 years ago

Great tips!

2 years ago

I cut down on a lot of processed foods in my diet.

Sonia Seivwright
2 years ago

I like these tips. #10 is where I am at right now. Definitely very important

Debbi H
2 years ago

Great ideas!