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The Mother’s Day Your Wife Really Wants

It’s April of 2020 and you and I both know that Mother’s Day is fast approaching. In fact, from the day that I am writing this, there are only 18 days left until Mother’s Day this year. 18!

If you’re anything like what I’m sure my husband and kids are right now, you’re scratching your head wondering what in the world do you do for Mother’s Day this year considering it will be spent primarily indoors without any visitors. Well, today I am here to tell you (lucky you).

From a mother who has worked full-time over the past month (and some change) taking care of her 2 year old, (from time to time) her 13 and 20 year old stepsons, her husband, her house, her pets, her life, her business, and more – I can tell you exactly what a mother in quarantine wants this year – and exactly what she does not want.

So, let me walk you through Mother’s Day – or, my dream Mother’s Day – if I could plan it all out myself. I will walk you from waking up all the way to going to sleep – and everything in between. Are you ready? Do you have a pen and paper handy? Ok. Good. Let’s go!

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The Mother’s Day Your Wife Really Wants

Waking Up aka Sleeping In

Let’s start with this. Your wife wants one thing first thing in the morning this Mother’s Day. One thing. She wants to sleep in. And when I sleep in, I really mean it.

She doesn’t want to sleep in if it means that by 8am her precious little angel children are knocking at her door wondering where she is or if she is still alive – she wants to sleep in so that she doesn’t hear or see a thing until she opens her eyes and is ready to get out of bed for the day. I’m serious.

You can make this happen! Let me give you a few easy tips to ensuring your wife actually gets to sleep in the way God intended moms to sleep in on Mother’s Day:

Gifts to Give First Thing

First things first: your wife wants to walk downstairs to some sort of beautiful flower arrangement (preferably her favorite – don’t know what her favorite flowers are? Ask her now. She won’t mind. Just make sure you write it down for future reference.)

Another two things she wants to see when she walks downstairs after sleeping in is both a store-bought gift and a homemade gift (set them up beside the flower arrangement for maximum affect).

If you need an idea on a homemade gift, don’t worry – it doesn’t have to be complicated. My husband has had my son put his handprints on a piece of paper, and has then cut them out in the shape of a heart, for his first 2 Mother’s Days now (and I couldn’t be happier!). It’s the thought that counts and this is something I can keep forever – plus the tradition my husband started with this makes it even sweeter.

So, homemade gift is ready. Now what about the store-bought gift? Let me guess. You need ideas…Well, hopefully by now you have caught on to all of her hints as to what she wants for Mother’s Day. But, if you haven’t, here are a few ideas for things women want. Read: they want things they would normally not spend the money on (aka somewhat lavish gifts). These are some of my top picks:

  • Brand new running shoes. I’m not talking just any running shoes, I’m talking really nice running shoes. Even if your wife doesn’t work out, running shoes are always a good choice because they can be worn all the time (and maybe they’re just what she needs to get the extra motivation to go on her much-needed-downtime walks every day – and hey, you can encourage those for her, too, so that she gets time away from time to time).
  • A new weekender bag is a really good idea. Yes, I know, we can’t go anywhere right now – but this won’t last forever – and hey, why not surprise her a little more with a note inside describing the first trip you will take with her once quarantine is over? She will love it!
  • A brand new vacuum cleaner. (I recommend this because I just received this for my birthday and I’m in love!) Now, listen, this is only a good gift for a woman who has been using the same vacuum cleaner since who-knows-when; if she has a relatively new one, do not go with this gift. However, if she doesn’t, this is an easy win. Just make sure you offer to vacuum the whole house with the new vacuum cleaner after she’s done opening her presents.
  • A gift card to Amazon. This is easy. So simple – so un-personal – but so needed (especially during quarantine). Trust me – if she’s anything like the rest of us, she has at least 10 items waiting to be purchased in her Amazon cart right now.

These are only a few gift ideas to get you started. But remember, make sure you have the store-bought gift wrapped and sitting beside the homemade gift underneath the flower arrangement. Win-win-win.

Breakfast aka Brunch-Style Breakfast

Is your wife the type that loved having brunch with her friends prior to quarantine? Is she social? Is she a lover of good food? Does she love mimosas? If you answered yes to any of these (heck, even if you didn’t), please do her a favor and make her a brunch-style-breakfast for her breakfast on Mother’s Day morning. She will thank you – I promise.

It is so easy to do this. All you need is some waffles (homemade are the best) and syrup, bacon (if she eats meat), eggs (if she eats eggs), hashbrowns or potatoes, coffee, water, and mimosas (which are just orange juice mixed with champagne).

Now, arrange all of these things in a nice “spread” on the kitchen table with a special plate and special mug and special champagne glass and, voila, her brunch is served! She will die when she sees this!

Some “Me Time”

After brunch, your wife will want some alone time. It may be hard to pry her away from her angel babies and handsome hubby, but trust me, pry her away hard if you have to! She needs it!

Send her on a walk by herself with her headphones. Send her on a ride by herself with her favorite CD. Send her upstairs to take a nice bath and read a magazine or book (if she is stressed and needs to wind down, make sure you check out this post with over 30 products just for relaxing when under stress). Send her somewhere – anywhere – just send her away for as long as she wants or needs.

Remind her that she’s been wanting to paint her toenails for a while. Remind her that she’s been talking about dyeing her hair but hasn’t been able to find the time. Remind her that she’s been wanting to clean out and organize her closet but again, hasn’t found the time. Maybe she wants to do something like this during her “me” time – or maybe she just wants to sit in peace on her balcony and read a good book while finishing off the morning’s mimosas.

Whatever it is, just ensure she has some quality alone time after brunch. She will be grateful.

Something Fun with the Family

So, the whole reason we’re all here, writing and reading this post, is because we have mothers in our lives and those mothers did what? They gave birth to us! They gave birth to us. They formed an inseparable bond from the moment they found out they were pregnant with us. One that will last through the end of time.

So, with that being said, know that your wife wants to do at least one nice, fun, quality activity with her children on Mother’s Day. At least one. (Maybe she only wants one, maybe she wants several – you will have to ask her to find out, so have a few planned).

Here are a few of my favorite ideas for activities to do with the mommy of the day and her children:

  • Go on a family walk together. Tell your wife all the things you love most about her while on this walk. She will be stunned, and in awe.
  • Watch her favorite movie with her. My favorite movie of all time is Gone with the Wind – if my boys asked to watch this movie with me on Mother’s Day – well, I’d probably keel over right then and there. But, really, I would be beside myself if they asked to watch this! Get out her favorite movie and turn it on and watch the entire thing with her! She will love it.

I’m sure you can think of more activities or games to play or do with your wife on Mother’s Day, but these are just some of my favorites and a good list to at least get you started.

Dinner Time – Take Out Only!

Dinner will be super easy for you, you know why? Because you’re going to order her favorite take out for her! Her absolute favorite! And bonus: she won’t have to cook (no mom wants to cook on Mother’s Day, trust me.)

I don’t care if her favorite food is from a 5-star restaurant downtown, this is what you will order for her on Mother’s Day. You really want to surprise her with this, if possible. Maybe make it seem like you hadn’t thought of what to do for dinner (haha).

But please, order her favorite take out and ask her if she wants to eat by herself or with the family. Her choice.

Again, her day will be made.

Nighttime Routine = All Dad

For the kid’s nighttime routine, this is going to be all you tonight, Dad. I want you to send your wife away somewhere (again, see further up when I mentioned a walk, a ride, or just some time alone in her room) and ensure she is happy and relaxed – then tackle nighttime routine with the kids.

No need to update her on how it’s going – just do it, and let her have her time away – again.

She needs this. She never gets this. “Time away” for a mom is like “time away” for a business owner – it just doesn’t actually happen. There’s always something she’s doing (or thinking, or feeling). So this is why you are giving her all the time away possible today, ok?

Let her have an hour or two – whatever she wants. She will be grateful.

Chick Flick with Hubby

Once the kids have gone to bed, ask her if she’d like to watch her favorite chick flick or romantic comedy with you. I can almost bet the answer will be yes. And you know what you do during this? You sit through it, intrigued, laughing, interested, as much as she is. (But in quiet – please don’t talk through the movie, ok?).

She will love you even more once you have watched her favorite chick flick with her.

Oh, make sure she is wearing a robe like this one while she watches it – it will help set the relaxation-mood of this time for her.


For bedtime, what I want you to do, is 30 minutes before she goes to sleep, make her a bedtime tea with this calming mix and this hot tea. She will sleep like a baby if you do.

Don’t forget to remind her to use her nighttime eye mask and her ear plugs – so she gets a full night of uninterrupted sleep.

And Dad, you keep the baby monitor tonight, ok?

Take Aways

Here’s the funny thing: Mother’s Day is not that hard to do; it just takes some thought and planning, and a little effort, and voila, you have the most perfect Mother’s Day ever for your wife!

Make sure you get all of these products I mentioned before it’s too late (you want to make sure to order them a good week before Mother’s Day).

I know your wife will have the best Mother’s Day ever – and it’s all because of you. So, give yourself a pat on the back.

Next Steps

Do me a favor, ok? Share this post with other men (or women) who need an idea for Mother’s Day in quarantine this year. I guarantee you know at least 5 off the top of your head! They will be so thankful!

In the meantime, bookmark my blog so that your wife can come back and read it sometime when she has a spare moment. She will love it.

If you are a woman and/or mom who stumbled across this, make sure you check out my posts on How to Make Mom Friends, The Benefits of Waking before Your Children, and 5 Life-Changing, Simple Self-Care Tips!

If you are a stepmom, or know of one, please head over to The Stubborn Stepmom now for your wealth of resources and help for stepmoms everywhere. You’ll be glad you did.

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That’s all for me today, friends. Thanks so much for reading. As always, take care.

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Sonia Seivwright
2 years ago

Yes, I completely agree with everything on the list. Flowers and cards don’t work anymore.

2 years ago

Yes yes and yes! This is what I want. Send it to my husband! ?

2 years ago

I need to send this to my sonโ€™s father immediately! Lol I think sometimes men just need an extra kick in the butt to figure out what we actually need. Great read mama!

2 years ago

I always welcome a new handbag! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am looking forward to Mother’s Day for sure!

2 years ago

Love these ideas! Thanks for sharing!

2 years ago

Great list! I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes practical gifts like awesome vacuum cleaners!

2 years ago

I really loved this! Itโ€™s exactly what I want for Motherโ€™s Day!!

2 years ago

Leslie, you nailed it – I want all of it, haha! But especially the running shoes, I’m a Brooks girl too!