The Busy Woman’s Planner

The Busy Woman’s Planner is the planner I created as a one-stop-shop for meeting the challenges of the modern-day mom &/or woman by providing beautiful, classic, elegant planner pages in a variety of different categories.

To read the story behind this planner (how it came about, why I chose this style & the contents within, etc.), head over to this Instagram post.

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Scroll through below to read numerous 5 star reviews from women who have purchased the planner, as well as a detailed list of exactly what is inside the planner!

★★★★★”I would give this planner 6/5 stars! Seriously, this planner is a life saver. It literally has everything I need, every aspect of my crazy life, all in one place. Long gone are the days of having different notebooks or planners for different things. Lastly, this planner is gorgeous! I love the white space and the beautiful print!

Samantha S.

★★★★★ “Not only is The Busy Woman’s Planner beautiful and vibrant, it is functional for a busy mom such as myself. Throughout the planner, there are spaces to add in the appointments, important dates, and such that you need to keep organized to sustain your sanity in a busy life. Additionally, there is more room for you to add your own personal and family goals in there! I thought this was a great feature because we work so hard everyday for a goal, right? Why not have a place to write that down and see the progress you are making each day to meet those goals. The Busy Woman’s Planner really hits a home run!”

Samantha F.

★★★★★ “My first impression of the Busy Woman’s Planner is that the imagery is absolutely gorgeous. The ability to customize your year, month, week and even day, to fit your individual or family’s needs, makes this planner perfect for any busy woman, wife, mom or entrepreneur. Every page was thoroughly thought out and put together with everyone in mind. I highly recommend this planner for its ease of use and variety of ways it can be customized to your specific needs.”



  • 49 PAGES IN LETTER – (8.5 x 11), including divider/cover pages to help you get organized.
  • INSTANT DOWNLOAD – available to download right here on Etsy as soon as your purchase is completed.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE – customize your own planner, page-by-page, by printing just the pages you want or need.
  • UNLIMITED PRINTING – these files are yours to print forever, as many copies as needed.

★★★★★ “I have needed a planner like this for a while. I am a single mom with two jobs adding in just got engaged! This planner helps me stay on track with everything and my son can even help with chores with my list from that!”

Lauren C.


  • PLANNER: Daily, weekly, and monthly planners – in addition, includes blank page for planner notes.
  • TASKS: To-do list, top 3’s list, and blank page for tasks notes.
  • MEAL PLANNER: Weekly and monthly meal planners – in addition, grocery list and blank page for meals notes.
  • FITNESS PLANNER: Fitness goals list, fitness monthly, weekly, and daily planners – in addition, blank page for fitness notes.
  • CLEANING PLANNER: Monthly, weekly, and daily cleaning planners – in addition, FULL-SIZE SPRING CLEANING CHECKLIST and blank page for cleaning notes.
  • BUDGET PLANNER: Monthly bill tracker, income tracker, expense tracker, savings tracker, and debt tracker – in addition, blank page for budget notes.
  • GOALS PLANNER: Short-, mid-, and long-term goals list – in addition, blank page for goals notes.
  • PERSONAL PLANNER: 4 pages of personal notes for individuals including clothing and shoe size, gift ideas, medical information, and more – in addition, blank page for personal notes.
  • BLANK PAGES: 4 blank pages for customizable notes and planning

★★★★★ “This planner is amazing for my busy mommy, business owner and full time employee life. I love that it includes everything from budget to even lists for cleaning the house. I mean, what more could you ask for? Also, love the color scheme. I would definitely rate this a 5-star planner.”

Zane’ L.

★★★★★ “So excited to see everything in one place! I absolutely love that it has the meal planner right there. I take my planner everywhere and if I’m grocery shopping I can open up my planner and see what meals I have planned for the week and be able to get everything I need. I also love the spring cleaning check off list. I would have liked more room on the actual daily calendar but that is just me. All in all I think it is great!”

Tammy R.

★★★★★ “I love this planner and using it now to organize my life. I love the different fields you have included. I will use it to plan my day and my meals.”

Akshaya B.

To order your TBW’s Planner now, head over here to my Etsy shop!