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Sugar Cravings: 5 Sure Ways to Stop

Hi friends & welcome back to the blog! Today I am going to share with you 5 sure ways to stop sugar cravings naturally.

I recently e-met a new friend, Kali, who is a fitness and lifestyle blogger at Your Healthy Simple Life. When she told me that she had a sure-fire plan of 5 easy steps to stop sugar cravings, I just had to ask her to share those with you!

Sugar cravings are evil, aren’t they? They are just the worst. They are so similar to what we experience when pregnant – a craving that just cannot be denied. But – as Kali will soon tell you – there are actually ways to stop sugar cravings!

I know you are going to love today’s post, so please make sure you share it with your lady friends on Pinterest or on your social media pages! Ok, let’s get to it!

Sugar Cravings: 5 Sure Ways to Stop

Don’t worry – craving sugar is normal – but it’s best to enjoy your sweet cravings in moderation. Do you feel like you crave sugar more times than not?

Honestly, the truth is that everyone has these cravings, but the good news is that there are ways to combat them.

Researchers believe that cravings for junk food and carbohydrates are driven by the desire to improve your mood as it increases serotonin levels in your brain.

It’s said that if you feel a lot of emotional stress, lack of sleep, and under eating, that there is a bigger chance you might crave sugar more often.

Why Do We Crave Sugar?

Note that avoiding all sugar completely is simply not realistic.

Think about your eating habits and see where the majority of the sugar is coming from (doing this will differentiate if you are eating natural sugars or processed sugars.)

There are several reasons why you might be craving sugar, but two of the most common reasons are lack of sleep and emotional stress.

It takes your body time to adjust to new habits – so if you completely cut out sugar, it might send your body into shock mode making you relapse.

Ways to Stop Craving Sugar

1. Consume Healthy Carbohydrates & Proteins

Be mindful of the meals you are eating and what you are putting into your body.

If you find yourself eating processed foods, then try to swap that out for healthy carbohydrates.

Instead of eating muffins or donuts in the morning try eating oatmeal.

Along with that, for dinner instead of making pasta, eat more potatoes.

2. Eat More Fruit

If you find yourself craving sugar, eat fruit instead. Fruit is a great way to curb those junk food cravings because of the natural sugars they contain.

One of my favorite desserts is to eat strawberries with whipped cream. This is a great substitute for your sugar cravings!

Fruit is a great source of essential vitamins and minerals as well. Along with that, fruit is high in fiber.

With a wide range of health boosting antioxidants, fruit is essential in your diet. Not only that – but eating fruit has long term benefits like reducing a person’s risk to developing heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

3. Cut Artificial Sugars

Artificial sugars and sweeteners contain chemicals that make things taste sweet. But the thing with consuming artificial sugars regularly is that they actually increase appetite and promote weight gain.

Sugar craves sugar so the more you eat things that have those artificial sugars in them the more you will actually sabotage your health goals.

It has been said that artificial sweeteners may cause you to crave even more sugary food so just be careful!

4. Don’t Keep Junk Food in Your Home

It’s easier said than done – but if you don’t keep sugar and junk food in your home, then you won’t be tempted to eat it.

Really focus on building willpower when you are shopping at the grocery store. We know it’s easy to grab those Oreos or chips but think about your long-term health goals!

One thing that has been super beneficial for me is to opt for grocery pick-up or delivery. This way, you don’t even have to bother going inside the store. You simply can just shop online and not even think twice about junk food.

The thing to remember here is that the less you eat sugar the less you will crave it.

5. Slowly but Surely

Cutting out sugar is a marathon – not a race.

Your body is used to sugar if you haven’t ever cut it out before, so it will take time for your body to get used to this new schedule of change.

Take it day by day and week by week. The first few weeks are the hardest, but after that it’s downhill from there.

Great things won’t ever come easy and your health is definitely something you shouldn’t take a shortcut on.

Think about the long-term effects and how your mind and body will feel after you cut out sugar.

About Kali

Kali Alexandria is a fitness & lifestyle Youtuber and blogger, passionate about helping other people find their healthy. She believes that diets aren’t the only answer to your health goals. It’s a lifestyle and it should be treated as such!

You can find Kali on her blog, Your Healthy Simple Life, or on her YouTube channel here!

Take Aways

I first just want to say thank you to Kali for sharing this excellent information with us about how to actually stop sugar cravings! I definitely learned a thing or two that I didn’t know before, like the fact that sugar cravings often come from stress or sleep deprivation!

Make sure you check out Kali’s blog and YouTube channel (above) and say hi!

Next Steps

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In addition to the free meal plans, I also have quite a few blog posts about living your healthiest life, so check them out:

Well friends, that is all for today! Thanks so much for joining me and Kali. Make sure you share this post on Pinterest or your social media pages so other women like you can learn more about how to stop sugar cravings!

Thanks for reading, and take care!

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2 years ago

I stop eating sugars in the morning. Got back on shape and set goals, slowly but surely. No more junk at home.

2 years ago

I’ve cut out a lot of sugar from my diet, but these tips will help me cut out all sugar!

2 years ago

I definitely need to start following these tips. Now more than ever being pregnant, I want all the sweets in sight!

2 years ago

Thank you for sharing your tips! I definitely follow the tip of not keeping it in the house. You can’t eat what you don’t have.

2 years ago

The hardest one for me is not keeping junk food in the house. Between my husband and my 4 kids they are always wanting to have plenty of junk food around. I try to avoid it as best I can, but sometimes it just seems to call my name…haha.

2 years ago
Reply to  Sara

This is exactly what I needed right now! Being stuck at home my sugar cravings have been the worst!

2 years ago

Such great info! Thank you for this! Sugar is my weakness:(