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Snack Boards for Kids: 5 Minutes to a Super Healthy & Fun Charcuterie Board for Kids

One of my most popular posts on Instagram is one I posted a while back on the snack board I make for Harrison quite frequently.

I started making a snack board for him after seeing the idea on Val’s Instagram page.

snack board for kids
The snack board being shared outside by Harrison and his friend

It made for the perfect snack in the afternoons just after Harrison woke from nap and before dinner. Sometimes, it even became his dinner because he would just eat so much of it!

Today, I’m going to walk you through 5 simple steps on how to make your own healthy, fun snack board for kids. I will also go over what snack boards are, how I make mine, and the benefits of them.

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Now, let’s get to it!

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snack board for kids

Snack Boards for Kids: 5 Minutes to a Super Healthy & Fun Charcuterie Board for Kids

Snack board is just another version of a “charcuterie board.” They really are super simple and fun!

What is a Snack Board?

A snack board is simply another version of a charcuterie board. A charcuterie board is historically and traditionally a board with meats and cheese set on top in a nice presentation.

snack board for kids
Another version of the snack board I make for Harrison

However, my snack board never contains meat or cheese, unless they are plant-based versions of meat and cheese, since we are vegan.

The snack board has come a long way since Pinterest came about – and nowadays, you can find snack boards for almost any occasion or theme!

What are the Benefits of a Snack Board?

In my personal opinion, a snack board is a super sneaky way to introduce new foods or healthier-than-normal foods to your child.

When preparing a snack board, you are in control. You decide what is placed on it and what is left out.

You can make the entire snack board from super healthy foods, a mix of healthy and not-so-healthy foods, or just make it pure unhealthy junky goodness – completely up to you!

snack board for kids
Harrison LOVES his snack boards – he was smiling so big in this picture

I prefer to make mine with a mix of healthy foods and not-so-healthy foods. I find that doing it this way, my son is most likely to try the healthy foods because he is comforted by seeing his not-so-healthy foods on the board, too.

Another benefit to making a snack board is that you can use foods in your house that are either about to expire or go bad, foods that you are almost finished with (the last crumbs in a bag of crackers, for instance), or foods that maybe most people in the house didn’t like.

So, snack boards are truly sustainable and environmentally-conscious in nature (at least the way I prepare them).

snack board for kids
Having community meal time in our back yard with his best friend, loving every minute of it

Lastly, and perhaps one of my favorite benefits to making snack boards, is that it encourages community meal time. I love this part of it. Typically when I make a snack board for my son, I place it in our back yard where he and his friends can share the snack board. It’s always special to break bread with friends, and this teaches my toddler this from a young age.

How do I make my Snack Board?

Making a snack board is super simple. It takes very little time (about 5 minutes, max). These are the steps I take to making a snack board for my son:

  1. Grab & Set Out Your Snack Board: My favorite snack board is this one that I purchased from Target (thanks to Val’s recommendation). It is just the right size for all the snacks I like to place on top and is such a beautiful board that I store it on our kitchen table as a centerpiece when it is not in use!
  2. Find Foods That Are About to Expire/Go Bad: Next, after grabbing your snack board, go through your refrigerator, countertop, and pantry and find foods that are about to expire or go bad, foods that are nearly empty, and/or foods that no one has really liked. These are foods you definitely want to incorporate into your snack board.
  3. Place Your Dip In The Middle Of The Board: Thirdly, I place some sort of dip in the middle of the board, inside a ramekin (these are my favorite ramekins that I use – they are oven safe and ceramic and pretty aesthetically pleasing). Most of the time I use hummus as our dip, but you can use a variety of foods such as yogurt, french onion dip, guacamole, etc.
  4. Place Your Healthier Foods On The Board First: Next, you want to start by placing your healthier foods and the foods you grabbed from step #2 on the board first. These should take up about 3/4 of the board’s space. Some of my favorite healthy foods to place on the board are cucumber slices, apple slices, cherries, grapes, cherry tomatoes, olives, carrots, and whole wheat crackers.
  5. Fill In The Remainder Of The Board With Unhealthier Foods: Lastly, fill in the remainder of the space on the snack board with your more unhealthy foods. Some unhealthier type of foods I like to use are animal crackers, dark chocolate covered raisins, dark chocolate chips, and fruit snacks.

After completing all 5 steps, you are finished with your snack board! Easy peasy, right?

The only thing left to do is serve it to your children & prepare to be amazed at how many healthy, new foods they end up trying because of the “snack board method!”

Take Aways

Well friends, that is all for today. I truly hope you enjoyed this post on snack boards for kids – and hope you walk away feeling like you are totally ready and prepared to make your own healthy snack board!

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snack board for kids

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