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Hi & welcome to shop my faves! These are some of my favorite things. Anytime I find a favorite – whether it’s clothing, toddler activities, home decor, or otherwise – I link it here!

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My Amazon Faves

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My rewardStyle Faves

rewardStyle is where I link most of my fashion and clothing related items.

You’ll find everything from Nordstrom and Banana Republic to Gap and Columbia on this page.

All are sorted by category here as well, for easy browsing.

My Etsy Store

My Etsy Store can be found by going here. You will find everything from planners and printable wall art to blogging & social media business products there.

If you head there now and add something to your cart, be sure to use code “LESLIEWBLOG” for 25% off. Enjoy!

My Product Review Blog Posts

From time to time, I write a blog post reviewing various products (fashion, beauty, toddlers, baby, wellness, etc.).

These are some of my most recent product review blog posts. Enjoy!

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