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Oh Crap! We’re Potty Trained! | How to Quickly Potty Train Your 2-Year-Old

I never thought this day would come…the day where I could actually say out-loud “Harrison is potty trained.” Honestly. If you would have told me 2 weeks ago (day four of potty training) that we would actually have a potty trained son sometime before age 18, I would have laughed a depressed laugh and said “nope!” Simple as that. But, we’re here! And he is potty trained!

It has not been an easy ride. Let me say that again: it has not been an easy ride. In fact, I found potty training to be harder than the newborn days, the sleepless nights, the sleep regressions, the tantrums, and every other stage we have encountered in the past two years since Harrison was born. Honest. There were good days, yes, but there were bad days – and the bad days trumped the good days by a long shot. But, I have to remember – we have a fully potty trained 2 year old and it only took us 2 weeks!

I want to take you all on a little ride down the two weeks it took to potty train Harrison (who is 2 years old, if you haven’t already gathered that). Just a little inside peek into the world that has been ours lately, including all the ups and downs. I have some carefully-edited pictures I will share too…oh, and of course a couple products I couldn’t live without during these trying weeks!

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My #1 Recommended Tool for Potty Training

For starters, there is a book you must get if you are nearing the potty training age/phase. It is called “Oh Crap! Potty Training” by Jamie Glowacki and was an absolute life saver before, during, and after potty training. It is by far the number one tool I have and always will recommend to moms and dads nearing the potty training stage.

Jamie goes deep into potty training – she taps in to the emotional aspect of it (I never knew there were so many emotions tied to potty training!) – and goes over every possible scenario you might encounter while potty training (poop, nighttime, day care, etc.) She makes it so simple, and I am here to say that her method works. (I am not sponsored by her, by the way!)

So, about a month prior to starting potty training (and honestly, about a month after my son was actually ready for it), I ordered the book and began reading. Tears were shed…yes, tears over potty training! It was emotional. It was good. It was real. It prepared me for the upcoming months and weeks of the unknown, to the point where I actually felt ready when day 1 came around. Not only did I read the book a month before, but I went ahead and got our “supplies” ready.

The Potty Training Supplies I Bought

I purchased a small simple potty (one stand-alone potty for downstairs, and a potty-attachment seat and step stool for upstairs), some puppy training pads, extra Lysol spray and disinfectant wipes, and underwear. I actually purchased our puppy training pads from Dollar Tree, but you can find similar ones elsewhere like the ones pictured below.

Planning & The Night Before Beginning Potty Training

Once I had all of our supplies, I spoke to my husband about a time when he could take off work for a few days (which happened to be the week of Thanksgiving) and booked day 1 in the calendars so we knew when it was coming (and so I couldn’t chicken out).

The night before, I was a nervous wreck. Ladies: potty training is going to be much harder on you than it is your husband. I don’t know why (maybe Jamie’s emotional take on it?) but it is. Beware and know this will happen, but it’s ok! Mama’s need to be emotional for their kids’ sake! Daddy’s need to be lighthearted for their kids’ sake (especially during potty training!).

Day 1

The morning of, I followed exactly what Jamie said we should do, and did it. Day 1 was a breeze. I remember thinking, “if this is potty training, people are crazy for thinking it’s so hard.”

Harrison day 1 of potty training

Days 2 – 5 (Day 4 Was the Hardest of All)

Well…day 1, 2, and 3 were good, but day 4 was a nightmare. For some reason or another, day 4 is when it all went to you-know-where. No idea why – but it did. Harrison did not pee or poop in the potty the entire day. I was cleaning pee from places I didn’t know pee would go. I was going against everything Jamie said to do in the book in order to try to get him to pee and poop in the potty like he had on days 1-3. He barely slept during nap-time that day and had the hardest time going to sleep that night. He woke up during the night and woke so early the next morning I thought I was going to die.

I remember texting Eric that day (of course it happened to be the day he went back to work) saying, “why did you abandon me?!?” and a number of other not-so-nice-things. Day 5 came around and I honestly almost quit. I was almost to the point where I would have been ok with a 5 year old in diapers…that’s how stressed I was.

Harrison on day 4 of potty training

Harrison needed me on day 4 & 5 – more than the other days. We were nursing what seemed like around-the-clock…and yes, moms, you can nurse a potty training toddler (been there, done that.) It does work. I don’t know what was going on those days unless it was just a developmental leap or sleep regression that was mysteriously mixed in to potty training…but I powered through – we powered through…and survived.

Days 6 – 7 (Another Tough One)

Day 6 was great. He peed and pooped just like before, and had nearly no accidents. It was a good day.

Harrison on day 6 of potty training

Day 7 was another rough one, but nothing like day 4. I believe day 7 was the day of accidents – he peed and pooped on the potty but also did quite a bit in his pants. But that’s ok. It’s part of the process.

Days 8 – 14 (A Blur)

Day 8-14 are honestly kind of a blur for me…probably because it was like Groundhog’s Day after a while. The trick for us was this: have him pee on the potty every 30 minutes, without fail…and ensure he went pee on the potty right before leaving to go somewhere. These tricks saved us. We ventured out sometime around Day 12 (I was nearly going insane from being indoors for so long, and so was Harrison) and it was great! We had him “pee on sticks” at the park or “pee on the white line” in the parking lot of where we were at. I’m sure some will judge this part, but it helped us and it worked for us, so be it. Also-note-I will never judge another parent potty training their child – I now know what it feels like to be “that mom” at the park whose son is standing by a tree peeing. I now know why this happens and why we should be so graceful with others in this situation (read: she’s doing the best she can…and so is he!)

Day 15 – He’s Potty Trained!

Day 15 was amazing. Day 15 was the day where I felt I could finally say to myself (and others) that Harrison was potty trained. He hardly ever has accidents anymore (and if he does, it’s an oversight on our part), he pees and poops on the potty and is starting to tell us when he has to go (amazing for a 2 year old!), and we can actually go places for longer than 30 minutes without an accident. This is huge!

Day 15 of potty training – we’ve made it!

Looking Back on Potty Training

I am so glad we decided to potty train Harrison at 2, when he was ready. I am SO glad we decided to buy Jamie’s book. I am so glad we opted for the simple potty and very few trinkets when it came to the potty world. I am so glad we stuck with it, even during the darkest times. It has paid off and my little boy is happy and confident and living beyond any expectations I had for him!

Take Aways

If you’re going through potty training…keep on going…you will get there, I promise. If you haven’t started, wait until you get the book before you do. Trust me on this one. If you have already gone through potty training, let us know your tips and tricks below in the comments – the more the merrier, and the more we can share with each other, the better.

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That’s all for now, friends. Happy potty training. As always, thanks for reading, and take care.

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