Make That Money, Honey! 19 Chapters on How to SUCCESSFULLY Make Money Blogging

Are you a blogger?

Do you often wonder how you can ACTUALLY make money blogging & become a PROFESSIONAL in the blogging industry?

Have you tried every single approach and yet still nothing?

Then this book is FOR YOU!

Why I Wrote the Book

I wrote “Make That Money, Honey!” to help female bloggers transition from bloggers to PROFITABLE BUSINESS WOMEN.

Book Contents

I do this within 19 chapters that lay out EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted to know about blogging and making a SUSTAINABLE PROFIT from it:

  • CHAPTER 1: Biz Model for Pros (how to address yourself and your blog as a business, and stay that way)
  • CHAPTER 2: Setting Up Your Blog
  • CHAPTER 3: Email Lists (when to send, how much to write, what to say)
  • CHAPTER 4: How to ACTUALLY Make Money Blogging (the 4 steps that actually work)
  • CHAPTER 5: Sponsorships (list of over 30 places to go to be sponsored TODAY)
  • CHAPTER 6: Affiliates (how to drive money through affiliate marketing, the easy way)
  • CHAPTER 7: Ads (where to place them, how to place them, and how much money you can expect to make from them)
  • CHAPTER 8: Digital Products (how to determine what kind of product to create in order to sell to your readers & others)
  • CHAPTER 9: Facebook Groups for Business
  • CHAPTER 10: SEO (in plain language so it’s easy to understand, tips to help you succeed with SEO & ranking for Google)
  • CHAPTER 11: Sales Funnel (what it is and how to use it to make money)
  • CHAPTER 12: Blog Layout (how to lay out your blog so that it’s a profitable business)
  • CHAPTER 13: Opt-In Forms & Freebies (over 30 freebie ideas & how to set up your opt-in forms for maximum participation)
  • CHAPTER 14: Pinterest (tips to maximize your Pinterest traffic & profit)
  • CHAPTER 15: Increasing Blog Traffic (simple steps you can take TODAY to increase your blog traffic for GOOD)
  • CHAPTER 16: Site Speed (how to get your site running FAST today)
  • CHAPTER 17: Social Media (all about how to utilize your platforms to your advantage)
  • CHAPTER 18: Recommended Courses & Products
  • CHAPTER 19: Summary
make money blogging


“Leslie’s book is the absolute best. I learned SO much from reading this and implementing her strategies into my blog & business. I don’t know where I would be today if it weren’t for Leslie’s help and expertise.”

Samantha S.

“This book is a must-have for any bloggers who are wanting to figure out exactly how to make money blogging. Leslie goes through every single step, in plain language, to help you set up your blog & business to receive maximum profits. Bloggers, go get this book today!”

Leslie F.

“Wow. I cannot believe Leslie offers this book for only $9.99! This should be way more expensive! This book covers everything you could ever want to know about blogging & more! I loved every moment of it and am seeing results from implementing Leslie’s strategies on my blog & in my business.”

Theresa W.

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