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Media Kits for Bloggers: The Perfect Guide to Creating a Media Kit for Your Blog in 2020

Media kits. Everyone has them, but for many new bloggers, they are a complete mystery! You’re supposed to have one, right? But what do you put inside? What even is a media kit?

I will be answering those questions and more throughout this blog post of the perfect guide to creating a media kit for your blog in 2020!

This post comes highly recommended, which is why I am writing it. I’m also writing it because I am now on my third media kit since starting my blogging career (I change them up from time to time just for aesthetic reasons) and I have made mistakes and learned lessons about what exactly to put inside a media kit and how exactly to do it.

I want to share with you all of these tips and tricks as well as help you to understand what you do with your media kit once you have created it (because many people do not know).

Just so that you are aware, I am currently working on my 20th brand deal since the beginning of this year. So, I would hedge to bet that brands are liking my current media kit (and have been liking it) – I never have any troubles finding brand deals, and at this point in my career, most brands reach out to me before I ever approach them.

Before we get started, here are a few recent blog posts of mine I just know you will love:

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Now, let’s get to the post!


Media Kits for Bloggers: The Perfect Guide to Creating a Media Kit for Your Blog in 2020

I am going to go over the most important pieces of information regarding media kits in the next few sections. I’m going to use a question/answer format as most of the information I’m including answers questions I get asked most frequently.

1. What is a media kit & why is it important for bloggers to have?

First things first – let’s talk about what exactly a media kit is.

For all intents and purposes, your media kit is your visual résumé for prospective collaboration partners.

Your media kit contains the most important pieces of information about your blog & business, including (but not limited to):

  • Information about you
  • Information about your blog
  • Your blog stats
  • Your social media stats
  • Information about sponsorship packages
  • Services offered
  • Previously worked with partners
  • Contact Information

Typically, a media kit is either requested from prospective collaboration partners or is something you send to prospective collaboration partners with whom you wish to work.

It is important for all bloggers (who wish to monetize their blog), regardless of “size,” to have a media kit because your media kit is sent to prospective collaboration partners and is often requested at first contact with prospective collaboration partners.

Many companies will not pursue further contact if a media kit is unavailable.

2. What exactly should be included in a media kit?

Let’s go over exactly what I recommend you include in your media kit.

Before we get into this – you must know about my product “Media Kit Manifestation (MKM).” If you are struggling to complete your media kit, check out MKM – in it, I include the following for you:

  • (2) full-size media kits (one normal size and one “mini” size)
  • step-by-step instructions on filling out every single section of both media kits
  • an email template for emailing prospective collaboration partners (all you do is fill in the blanks)
  • a list of over 30 websites to use for finding collaborations

If you’re interested in MKM, head here now to purchase it (it’s only $4.95).

Now, back to the regularly scheduled program:

No two media kits are alike – but nine times out of ten, the information they contain is the same or very similar.

These are the components I recommend you have in your media kit, in order from first seen to last:

One of my media kits from earlier this year (front page)

Page 1 of your Media Kit:

  1. Name of your Blog
  2. Pictures of you
  3. One Paragraph about you
  4. One Paragraph about your Blog
  5. Social Media Statistics (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter at the very least – include Pinterest and YouTube if you so wish)
  6. Blog Statistics (Unique Visitors, Page Views, Subscribers)
  7. Demographics for your Blog (Country of origin, percentage of males vs. females)
One of my media kits from earlier this year (back page)

Page 2 of your Media Kit:

  1. Sponsorship Packages (come up with 3 sponsorship packages and include sponsorship package name, price, and contents – it is your choice how you wish to present these, just make sure you have them as many brands will not move forward with contact without having packages to choose from)
  2. Services Offered (list the services you offer)
  3. Partners with whom you have Worked (list as many as you can, especially the “bigger” names)
  4. Contact Information (include your social media handles, your blog url, your email address, your phone number, and address is optional)

3. What if you are new to blogging and don’t have much information to include in your media kit?

I get this question all the time – “what if I’m new to blogging and don’t have much to put in my media kit right now?” – well, let me tell you friend – make it anyway!

Here is what I recommend for someone who is still new to blogging and may not have the same stats as a more experienced blogger:

  • Do as many “product for post” collaborations as possible. “Product for post” collaborations are collaborations wherein you agree to post on social media about a product in exchange for said product from the company who owns it. There is no money involved in these collaborations – only products and posts.
  • Participate in pro bono collaborations. Pro bono collaborations are great – not only do they support wonderful, meaningful causes, but they also give you experience with collaborations and working for brands while lowering the brand’s risk in that there is no money or product exchanged in these collaborations. I have done many pro bono collaborations and have enjoyed them – and I have done some with very popular companies, who I get to list on my media kit as partners.
  • Include the numbers you do have. Even though your statistics may be low, brands still want to see what you have. You can update your media kit as often as you would like – and I recommend updating it at least once a week when you are “new” – so that your numbers will slowly increase.

With time, you will build your partner list up quite substantially, whittling away at one or two product for post collaborations and pro bono collaborations at a time.

4. What do you use to create your media kit?

I have always used Canva to create my media kits. The one you see above is from a company I found on Instagram (I won a media kit giveaway with them a while back and used their template for a while).

I love Canva because they have templates for media kits that you can use (although I would highly recommend just purchasing my MKM to get you started – especially since it comes with a full tutorial and bonus material as well), and you can save all of your documents in Canva very easily.

They are very user-friendly in terms of graphic design, making it so that just about anyone can create a product using their site.

Give it a shot – try out Canva when creating your media kit & I almost guarantee that you will love it!

5. How do you approach brands once you have completed your media kit?

So, one of the most important parts about creating your media kit is the “after” – approaching brands. This is the whole reason why you are creating it to begin with, remember!

In order to approach brands, I use three different methods:

  • Approach them via email (which can be found on their website or social media) being sure to address the right person in the right department (look for “PR” or “media” departments)
  • Approach them via their website (most have a “PR” or “media” department with a contact form, often times found at the very bottom of their homepage)
  • Approach them via their social media (I do not recommend this method – this is best if used with companies who do not have a website, like an Etsy store, for example)

What you say to the company when you do approach them (no matter which route of approach you take) is important.

Within my Media Kit Manifestation (MKM), I give you an email template that is ready to go for sending to prospective collaboration partners. All you have to do is fill in the blanks – that’s it!

As far as websites you can use to find prospective collaboration partners, I highly recommend Sway and Activate, first and foremost. The other 28+ websites I use are also found within my MKM.

Take Aways

Well friends, that is all I have for you today for media kits.

I hope you have found that all of your questions regarding media kits have been answered here. If you feel you still have questions, please contact me and we will discuss them!

Remember, for only $4.95, you can grab the Media Kit Manifestation (MKM) which includes:

  • (2) full size media kits
  • a tutorial going over step-by-step instructions for each
  • an email template ready to have its blanks filled in and be sent to prospective collaboration partners
  • a list of over 30 websites you can go to right now to get brand deals

Get your MKM now and get started on your media kit today!

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