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10 Easy Tips on How to Meal Plan for a Family

If you’re anything like me, when you hear the words “meal plan,” you cringe…and try to figure out the best place to hide.

I’ve never been one to stick to meal planning…until recently. Normally, I meal plan for a couple weeks, then get tired of it and fall off the bandwagon and quit.

But I have found what I think is the best way to successfully meal plan (and for a vegan family of 4!) and would like to share with you all!

I would not be successful with meal planning if it wasn’t for this key resource:

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Ok, now back to the reguarly scheduled program…how to meal plan for a family, with 10 easy tips!

10 Easy Tips on How to Meal Plan for a Family

Here are my 10 tips for successfully meal planning. Our family has 4 in house and we are vegan, so if that sounds like you, use these steps and be successful and healthy and feel good about yourself and what you’re feeding your family! Remember, you can watch my YouTube video (above) if you’d rather watch or listen to these 10 tips.

1.) Start with What You Have in your own Pantry.

Shop at home before shopping in the grocery store.

2.) Keep it Simple.

Always. No matter the type of diet your family sticks to.

3.) Write it Down.

Use my meal planner to do so…I make it super simple.

4.) Don’t Over-Shop.

Stick to your list.

5.) Prepare Ahead as Much as Possible.

Common sense. (i.e.: overnight oats).

6.) Double Recipes.

So you have lunch for the next day and dinner for the next night. This is the best step you can possibly follow in order to be a success at meal planning. Trust me on this one!

7.) Have a Backup!

There will be nights you decide you do not want to cook. Promise.

8.) Make Dinners Your #1 Priority.

The rest will fall into place…and you will feel better about what you are providing and doing for your family.

9.) Have Good “Go-To” Recipes.

Save them in a binder, a recipe book, wherever you would like. Just have 5-10 “go-to” recipes.

10.) Have Good “Go-To” Restaurants.

For days off when you just want take out.

Take Aways

Ok, those are my 10 tips/steps. Do you do any of these already? If so, which is your favorite? Which one are you going to implement starting today?

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