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Achievable Health: 5 Simple Ways to Maintain Your Health (Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, & Spiritually)

Maintain your health. Easy, right? The abundance of information out there about how to stay healthy and avoid disease can be quite confusing.  Like a puzzle, there are several pieces that need to be put together for any of it to make sense. 

As a certified Whole Health Educator™, I strive to make things simple to understand and share information with a big-picture perspective.

The lifestyle choices you make have a huge impact on the outcome of your life.  Once you understand the cause of health and disease, it is up to you to discern what type of prevention measures work for you.

With this knowledge, you are equipped to make informed healthcare decisions.  Let this information empower you to make better choices and help you take back control over your mind and body.

Realistically, we certainly cannot change everything that happens within our bodies. However, it is smart to prepare yourself with the tools to make a difference for the better.

Make sense? Allow me to shed some light on the pieces of the health and disease puzzle.

maintain your health

Achievable Health: 5 Simple Ways to Maintain Your Health (Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, & Spiritually)

The Pieces of the Puzzle

1. The Physical Piece

The physical component of our health is complex and not easily understood.

This aspect consists of the brain, spinal cord, bodily systems, organs, muscles, bones, and the hormones and neurotransmitters. All these pieces work tirelessly to help us function every minute of the day. They are all interdependent and need each other to work properly.

The central nervous system integrates our brain and spinal cord and controls every function in the body.

In other words, if one part is not working correctly it will affect the rest of the body as well. Therefore, taking care of your physical body is necessary!

2. The Emotional/Mental Piece

For every thought we have and each emotion we feel, there is a physiological response within our body.

Thoughts and emotions affect the physical body and are part of the Limbic system.  This system analyzes all information taken in including conscious and subconscious thoughts.

These internal and external messages are sent to the rest of the body through hormones and other chemical messengers called neurotransmitters. Their job is to tell the body what to do. This concept explains the mind/body connection.

This piece of the puzzle is quite fascinating and immensely powerful when you comprehend how your mindset affects your health.

3. The Nutritional Piece

This one is simple.

Ever hear the phrase – you are what you eat? In other words, everything we consume has a direct effect on our health and may contribute to disease.

This includes food, drinks, and other chemicals like over the counter medications, prescriptions, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, and illegal drugs.

So be mindful when it comes to your nutrition and what you decide to ingest. 

4. The Environmental Piece

This piece of the puzzle consists of our internal and external environment.

The effects of smoke, noise, chemicals, exercise, weather, water, air pollution all have an impact on our health.

The other factor to consider is your home and work dynamics. Think about your home and work environment. Is it unorganized, stressful, negative, demanding? Any type of prolonged stress will affect the state of your health if left untreated and ignored.

Our internal environment is also not set in stone and can be somewhat altered. Making healthier choices can diminish the chances of disease.

Just because there is a disease in your family does not 100% mean you will have to struggle too.

5. The Spiritual Piece

Often overlooked, the spiritual aspect of health is extremely powerful in both the prevention and the healing process.

This piece consists of an individual’s relationship with self, nature, and others. Our values and belief systems do have an impact on our health as well.

What is your philosophy of life? A popular philosophy among many religions is the Golden Rule – treat others as you would want to be treated. 

Feeling connected to a greater purpose, community and higher power goes a long way in life and gives a sense of belonging, comfort, security, and safety.

Self-love is also very influential in terms of maintaining health and facilitates a greater sense of harmony.

The Influence of Stress

Stress has the most profound influence on health. We have a choice in how we react.

Stressors like lack of sleep, trauma, negative emotions, inadequate nutrition, surgery, lack of exercise, and chronic pain all contribute to the downfall of your health. 

Short-term stress is easier to recover from. However, if you are stuck in that fight or flight response it will eventually break your body down and cause fatigue, irritability, and disruption in sleep. 

This long-term stress also decreases the function of your bodily systems like digestion, reproduction, and immune and will lower your resistance to disease.

What You Can Do

The takeaway is that everything is connected! So, if one part of your body or mind is suffering, you can be sure something else is being affected as well. 

This can be a disaster if allowed to become out of control. Therefore, self-care and stress management is essential and needs to be part of everyone’s wellness plan. 

You are invited into the process of your healing.

You have some control over what happens to you.

Take Aways

Stay tuned for simple self-care tips for you and your family in the upcoming months.

Take care of yourself because you deserve to be the best version of yourself!

About Jill

Jill DeMasi is a Lifestyle Blogger, Licensed Massage Therapist, and a Certified Wellness Coach with a passion for helping others manage stress, chronic pain, and anxiety.

Learn more about her journey and wellness practice that offers natural solutions to stress at www.AtTheHeartofWellness.com.

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maintain your health
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Beth Shields
2 months ago

Stress is a pretty impressive “condition” and its affect on you physically can be subtle and yet very impacting. These are great reminders. Thanks for sharing.