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How to Stay Hydrated | 6 Tips & Tricks to Staying Hydrated Everyday

Most of us know that staying hydrated is one of the most fundamental parts of being healthy. Without hydration, our body’s systems do not know how to work properly.

According to the Harvard Health Letter, “drinking fluids is crucial to staying healthy and maintaining the function of every system in your body, including your heart, brain, and muscles. Fluids carry nutrients to your cells, flush bacteria from your bladder, and prevent constipation.”

But how do we stay hydrated throughout the day? How can we ensure we’re getting enough water for our body and mind? Well friends, look no further than this post!

I have to be hydrated. More-so than the average person. I have Sjögren’s Syndrome (an autoimmune disease) which causes extremely dry mouth (and dry eyes), so I am almost always thirsty.

Because of this, I am one of the best people to tell you exactly how to stay hydrated and how to ensure you don’t forget to stay hydrated throughout the day!

I’ve come up with the top 6 ways that I stay hydrated, how I ensure that I am drinking enough water, and how I ensure that water is easily accessible to me throughout the day.

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how to stay hydrated

How to Stay Hydrated | 6 Tips & Tricks to Staying Hydrated Everyday

1. Drink water as soon as you wake up

Water not only hydrates you, but it ignites your metabolism, flushes out toxins, and may help you to eat less. Drink at least 16 oz. as soon as you wake up for more hydration and better health throughout the day.

2. Know how much water to drink

In general, you should aim to drink about half an ounce to an ounce of water per pound of body weight per day. If you weigh 140 pounds, that is between 70 and 140 ounces of water per day.

3. Invest in long-lasting, durable cups & bottles

There are plenty of places to find great cups and water bottles to reuse every single day. Having these on hand will increase the likelihood of you drinking water regularly.

My favorite cups are these resusable cups. I love how durable they are and absolutely love the colors.

I absolutely love anything by CamelBak so these CamelBak resusable water bottles are my all-time favorites. They have so many pretty color options, too!

4. Keep water ready in the fridge

Keep a nice reusable tumbler or cup for water that you can grab, ready to go, for around the house. Having this on hand in the fridge will increase your likelihood of staying hydrated throughout the day.

I received my first Tervis brand tumbler for Christmas (a beautiful “mom” design) and fell in love. Tervis is such a high-quality brand (not sponsored) and these tumblers are good for every day use and sure to last. These are some of my favorites.

Before we moved into our current home, we didn’t have an automatic water filter/dispenser on our fridge. Back then, we used a Brita Pitcher like this one to keep cold drinkable water in the fridge at all times. Highly recommend.

5. Keep an on-the-go-bottle ready at all times

Also in your fridge, keep an on-the-go water bottle ready and filled up at all times. This way, when you are heading out the door in a hurry, all you have to do is grab and go for max hydration.

6. Drink water before going to sleep

Water increases blood circulation, helps your body break down waste, rids you of toxins, and may help in pain relief. It should be an essential part of your bedtime routine.

Take Aways

If you like these tips, I have made a FREE Printable with each tip (and some pretty graphics) that would go great on your fridge or in your office! Make sure you snag yours at the Leslie W. Free Resource Library!

Remember, being healthy (and staying hydrated) doesn’t have to be hard. Using baby steps, taking your time, and slowly making good habits is my number one recommendation for anyone trying to get healthy (or hydrated).

I hope you are enjoying this month’s health series. Don’t forget that this whole month on Leslie W., every post will be dedicated to ways you can be healthier and maintain your health. Next week, I will be talking about at-home remedies for colds and illnesses. So, stay tuned friends!

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