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How to be a Productive Mom | Tips & Tricks on Being Organized & Productive

Today I wanted to give you a quick “YouTube video round up” of some of my favorite YouTube videos that really help with organization and productivity as a mom. If you are looking for ways to be a productive stay at home mom, secrets of an organized mom, or just general organization and productivity tips for stay at home moms and working moms alike, then look no further: this is the post for you! Grab a pen and your planner or list and start taking notes!

Before we get started, speaking of planners, if you weren’t already aware, I custom-designed a planner just for the busy woman. It’s called “The Busy Woman’s Planner” and can be found on Etsy right here! It is probably the first thing you need to get before you try to tackle organization and productivity in your life!

Let’s start with one of my all-time favorites: my “Mom Hacks” video. This video is one wherein I go over ten tips/hacks for moms and these tips and hacks are sure to help you be more productive, efficient, and organized in your every day. Check it out below:

Within the “Mom Hacks” video, a go over several of my favorite makeup products (especially ones that will save you time and energy). Along those same lines, in my “Get Ready with Me Simple Mom Makeup” video, I go over a very quick and easy makeup routine for moms on the go. Check it out below:

In another video, my “Press On Nail Tutorial” video, I show you exactly how to get a salon look at home for less than $7 by using the best press on nails that I have found! This tip will save you time and money, two of the things we need most as mothers! Check it out below:

Something that I have discovered just in 2020 is the power of budgeting. Budgeting has saved us so much time and money (thanks to The Budget Mom) and we wish we would have started this system years ago. But, there’s no time like the present. I have a video entitled “How I Budget” where I go over the system we use and exactly how we use it, step by step. This tip will save you lots of money and time and will help grow your savings accounts! Check it out below:

In the realm of budgeting, we have also started meal planning (seriously meal planning) this year and have saved so much money it is crazy! We are meal planning about 5 meals per week and are saving over $300 a month by doing so…not to mention the peace of mind we have now because of knowing exactly what is for dinner each night! Don’t forget that by signing up for my blog email list, you will receive a free meal plan printable! I also did a more in-depth overview of grad school and life balance here so check it out! For the video, check it out below:

In the same realm of meal planning, I filmed a video years ago about how to make your own uncrustables and it is still one of my favorite videos to date. If you are looking for a healthy lunch for children and want something that you can make in bulk one to two weeks ahead of time, this is the video for you. This will save you all the time and money! Check it out below:

When it comes to my children, I always feel like the more organized their things are, the more organized I feel. That’s one of the many reasons why I do a monthly or biweekly toy rotation and organization for my two year old, Harrison. I filmed a video going over how I do this recently and it really is helpful. Check it out below:

Last but not least, for the moms out there who are balancing multiple roles at once (mom, wife, employee, part time employee, student, etc.) this next video is for you. It is all about how to balance life and grad school – but not just for someone in graduate school. The tips in this video can be applied to nearly any other “job” you are working while simultaneously being a mom. I also did a more in-depth overview of grad school and life balance here so check it out! For the video, check it out below:

I have so many other tips and tricks for productivity and organization for moms on my YouTube channel. I’d love if you headed over there to check them out. But, for now, I hope this list of videos will help you tremendously! Remember moms, we’re in this together!

I have so many other posts so make sure you check out my post on How to Make Mom Friends, Staying Calm Amidst a Crisis, and Ten Tips to Jumpstart Your Healthy Lifestyle!

I also have a whole section dedicated to Leslie W.’s Business Babes, if you’re a businesswoman in the blogging and/or social media world, as well as a section just for stepmoms called The Stubborn Stepmom. Give them both a look before you leave today!

Thanks for reading, friend, and take care.

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2 years ago

Enjoyed reading your blog . I will have to check out a couple of the tutorials again . Thank you ?

2 years ago

Hi Leslie, I really like you budgeting video…I realized that we have a lot of sinking expenses…cars breaking down, things around the house that need fixing, it sometimes gets overwheling. While I love the idea of budgeting and the envelope system…I work full time and I relied on “automatic payment on everything- bills and savings” especially that I’m busy, but I’m willing to try the budgeting book- not the envelope system. ITs too much and kinda overwhelming for me. I will let you you know how it went!