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20+ Super Easy & Fun Fall and Halloween Crafts for Toddlers

My son, Harrison (2.5 years old), almost never dismisses a good craft! Since fall is just around the corner (and so is Halloween), I decided to ask some of my favorite bloggers to share with me their favorite fall and Halloween crafts for toddlers, to share with you!

The fall and Halloween crafts for toddlers that you are about to see are all super easy, super fun, super cute, and will make for the best decorations around your house this season!

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Now, let’s get to it!

fall and halloween crafts for toddlers

20+ Super Easy & Fun Fall and Halloween Crafts for Toddlers

Like I said, my son Harrison loves crafting. Now, I definitely have to encourage it (he wouldn’t just want to craft if I never said anything about it) – but he loves it.

Some of my most favorite memories with him are creating seasonal crafts. I always try to find crafts for toddlers that are easy (crafts they can mostly do on their own) and super cute.

The following list of fall and Halloween crafts for toddlers are just that: easy and cute.

Let’s start with the fall crafts for toddlers!

Fall Crafts for Toddlers

1. Autumn Tree Painting Sensory Craft for Kids

Cendu from brings us our first fall craft – this beautiful Autumn Tree Painting that I just love.

I love that you could do this one on a canvas (if you have one on hand) or construction paper, either way.

2. Fall Leaf Art Lion

Talk about adorable! This Fall Leaf Art Lion from Meegan at is to die for in its utter adorable-ness!

This is a super simple fall craft for toddlers that I just know your child will love to make!

3. Autumn Handprint Tree

This next fall craft is from Helen at and is a super cute Autumn Handprint Tree that I just know any toddler out there would love to make.

What I love about this fall craft is that it allows your toddler to be able to create the entire craft all by themselves. How perfect is that?

4. Easy Peasy Fall Collages

This next fall craft for toddlers is the Easy Peasy Fall Collages from Kristina at

I love how this craft encourages decision-making, creativity, and fun in toddlers – and how it truly is a unique craft since no two collages will look alike!

5. Egg Carton Nature Project for Kids

The Egg Carton Nature Project for Kids is a “craft” that can be done really anytime of year – but it can be fall-themed as your toddler looks for pieces of nature during the fall.

Kaeleigh from brings us this craft, and I am loving it!

6. Fall Tree Pipette Painting

Surabhi from brings us our next fall craft: Fall Tree Pipette Painting.

This truly is a beautiful craft once it is complete, and I know toddlers will thoroughly enjoy their time making it!

7. Apple Stamping Pumpkin Craft

The next fall craft is a super cute pumpkin craft by Katie from, called the Apple Stamping Pumpkin Craft.

This one would be a great addition to the “Playing Preschool” program, if you are participating in this homeschool preschool program. You can read more about my experience with “Playing Preschool” here.

8. Candy Corn Craft

Whether you like candy corn or not, this Candy Corn Craft for toddlers is a super easy and super cute one to do for fall!

Rachel and Polly from bring us this craft, and I’m so thankful for them for doing so!

9. Pumpkin Painting

I really love the simplicity of this Pumpkin Painting fall craft for toddlers. You don’t need much to do this, but the possibilities of what your toddler creates with it are endless!

Stacey from brings us this craft – thank you, Stacey!

10. See-Through Pumpkins

Rebecca from brings us our 10th and final fall craft for toddlers, and I am loving it.

It’s this See-Through Pumpkins Craft and it will just look so cute in your windows this fall!

Now, let’s move on to the Halloween crafts for toddlers!

Halloween Crafts for Toddlers

I love Halloween. And even more, I love that my son (2.5 years old) loves Halloween!

He has been practicing his trick-or-treating lately and it is just too sweet. He also loves Halloween crafts.

I’ve found 10 super easy, super cute Halloween crafts for toddlers that I just know you are going to love!

1. Paper Plate Pumpkin Craft

Mariah from came up with this simple and cute Paper Plate Pumpkin Craft and I am seriously loving it!

You could do this in no time at all with your toddler, or you could draw it out for a longer activity!

2. Handprint Spiders

Asia from brings us our next Halloween craft for toddlers: Handprint Spiders.

I absolutely love how adorable these spiders are – and know that your toddler will seriously enjoy every moment they spend making them!

3. Footprint Ghost Craft

Michelle from brings us our next Halloween craft for toddlers, this super cute Footprint Ghost Craft!

As a mom of a toddler, I absolutely love how simple this craft is! I think you will, too!

4. Gauze Mummy Craft

When I was asking for fall and Halloween crafts for toddlers, I didn’t see very many “mummy” crafts – which is why I’m glad I came across this one.

Kim from brings us this super cute Gauze Mummy Craft and I think your toddler will enjoy making this as much as it is adorable!

5. Cotton Ball Ghost

This Cotton Ball Ghost Craft is so stinkin’ cute that I just about can’t handle it!

With the idea coming from, this Halloween craft is sure to be a favorite of your toddler’s!

6. Monster Handprint Craft

Jackie from brings us this next Halloween craft – the Monster Handprint Craft for toddlers.

I love how “spooky” your toddler can make this monster hand. I can just imagine how much fun they will have doing this!

7. Spooky Branch Forrest

Erica from came up with this next craft, and I am impressed!

This is the Spooky Branch Forrest craft for toddlers, and I am in love!

8. Witch Shape Craft

This Witch Shape Craft for toddlers is just perfect for Halloween.

Kristina from brings us this one, and it is so perfect for toddlers learning shapes and colors!

9. Masking Tape Mummy

I absolutely love this Masking Tape Mummy craft by Allison from!

How adorable is this? I love that toddlers can truly take the lead with this craft, and have fun doing it!

10. Pencil Eraser Ghost Craft

This Pencil Eraser Ghost craft is our 10th and final Halloween craft for toddlers, and it sure doesn’t dissapoint!

Imagine how much fun your toddler will have making this! Super thankful for Michelle from for coming up with this cute craft!

More Fall and Halloween Crafts for Toddlers

I couldn’t leave you with only 20 fall and Halloween crafts for toddlers!

I’ve found a few other websites that have a bundle of fall and Halloween crafts for toddlers, and I will link them here for you:

Take Aways

Well friends, there you have it – 20+ super cute and super easy fall and Halloween crafts for toddlers!

I am very thankful for all of the bloggers who wanted to include their crafts for this post. I’m also glad that you now have a collection of fall and Halloween crafts for toddlers that you can choose from the next time you or your child is feeling crafty!

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fall and halloween crafts for toddlers