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8 Easy Ab Exercises for Beginners – Ultimate Resource List

Hi friends, and welcome back to the blog! Today I want to share with you the ultimate resource list of ab exercises that are perfect for beginners – to increase core strength.

Regardless of who you are, I’m sure at some point or another you have wondered how you could easily get better core strength for a flatter-looking stomach.

What I love most about these exercises is that anyone can do them – regardless of what level of fitness you are currently at.

This is a great post to bookmark to refer back to over and over. I am rounding up some of the best ab exercises I have found online (and ones that I actually use myself) for your convenience.

So, sit tight, relax, and let’s get into it! Remember to share this post with others, too! Thank you!

ab exercises for beginners

8 Easy Ab Exercises for Beginners – Ultimate Resource List

1. Core Exercises for Beginners – DailyBurn

The DailyBurn has quite the awesome list of 6 core exercises for beginners – and what’s nice is that there are GIFs to go with these so that there is no question as to how to do these.

I will link them here for you.

2. 10-Minute Beginner Ab Exercises – Showbiz Cheatsheet

Showbiz Cheatsheet has compiled a list of awesome 10-minute ab exercises for beginners. I love that this list includes mountain climbers, one of my favorite (and go-to) core exercises. If you want to feel the burn, do these!

Here is the link for your viewing pleasure.

3. Best Ab Exercises for Any Level of Gym Goers – Coach Magazine

Coach Magazine is coming in hot with this list of the best ab exercises for any level of gym-goer.

This list includes one of my all-time favorite core workouts: the Russian twist (talk about a burn!).

Check out their list here.

4. Best Core Exercises for Beginners – Runner’s World

Runner’s World is one of my favorite sources for all things running – what I love about them is that they don’t just provide information for runners – their site has information for all types of fitness.

I love that this list of exercises for your core includes very easy-to-understand pictures demonstrating how to do the exercises.

I also love that they include the Superman – another one of my favorite core exercises!

Their list is right here.

5. Easy Ab Exercises for Women – Shape Magazine

Shape Magazine is a terrific magazine for anyone trying to get in shape or trying to stay in shape.

This list of easy core exercises for women does not disappoint. This is another great list with some awesome pictures to go along with, so that it is easy for you to figure out how to do the exercises themselves.

Check out their list here.

6. Best Ab Exercises of All Time – Women’s Health Magazine

Women’s Health Magazine is, yet, another favorite of mine! I love that they focus on everything for women’s health: fitness, mental health, physical health, diet, etc. – not just one type of health.

This list they have compiled is of the 15 best ab exercises of all time for women – and it is great!

They provide GIFs to go along with each exercise, making it super easy to follow along with.

Their list can be found right here.

7. Apps for Ab Exercises – 8Fit

8Fit is my all-time favorite app for any type of exercise – including core.

What I love about 8Fit is that you can input what your exact fitness goals are, as well as where you are currently at physically – and develop a customized program to fit your needs.

You can start slowly and work your way up to an intensity level you are comfortable with, or you can start at a high intensity – up to you.

The exercises include a personal trainer that shows you how to complete each work out – and a countdown timer that alerts you when you are almost complete with one round or one set.

Check out 8Fit today – you’ll be glad you did.

8. YouTube Video for Core Exercises – Fitness Blender

I recently discovered Fitness Blender and absolutely love them. They are a husband-wife team that brings you simple workouts you can do practically anywhere.

I love their videos because they are short, simple, and get straight to the point.

Their 10 Minute Ab Workout video is awesome! It has over 71,000,000 views on YouTube so that should tell you something!

Check out their video and channel by going here.

9. Planners for Fitness – The Busy Woman’s Planner

If you are just starting with your new fitness plan, or even if you are well into it, a planner is something that will probably help you.

Included in my TBWP’s Planner are fitness goals and planners just for your exercise needs. You will absolutely love this.

There is also, of course, an entire planner to go with – including daily, monthly, and weekly plans, meal plans, goals, and more.

Check it out now by heading here.

Take Aways

Well friends, that about sums it up for today’s post on the ultimate resource list of ab exercises for beginners.

I included a wide range of resources for you because I know everyone is different. So I hope – whether it was a website, a magazine, an app, or a video – that something in here will help motivate you to get started with simple core exercises to strengthen your abs!

Next Steps

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1 year ago

Thanks! This is a great resource. I could definitely use some core strengthening!

Laila Schell
1 year ago

This is a great resource! Especially when I’m trying to get ready for the beach!!