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How to Sell Digital Products for Bloggers + 5 Incredible Ideas to Get You Started

Hi friends & welcome back to the blog! Today, by popular request, I am going to go over how to sell digital products for bloggers plus 5 incredible ideas to get you started!

If you’ve been in the blogging or social media world for any length of time, it’s no surprise to you that digital products are some of the greatest sources of income for you!

For some, digital products are their #1 source of income. For me, it is my #2 source of income (affiliate marketing being #1). I talk more about that in this blog post.

If you’ve ever wondered how to determine what kind of digital products to sell, how to actually create your digital product, or how to market and sell your digital product, you are in the right place!

Before we get started, I’d love for you to check out these recent posts of mine. I just know you will love them!

Also, before we get started, I want to tell you about my brand new book that just hit the stands on Amazon a few days ago. My book is called “Make That Money, Honey!” and is a book for bloggers who want to turn their blogging as a career into a sustainable profit and who want to become professionals in the industry.

My book goes through 19 chapters and includes “secret” information that most bloggers do not like to give out (I am simply different, I don’t mind sharing because I feel that my success should be shared with you to encourage your success!).

In the book, I go over SEOFacebook Groups for businessaffiliate marketing, ad placementsponsorships, and so much more. It truly is the last book you’ll ever have to purchase in order to figure out how to get to the next level of bloggingYou can purchase it by going here now!

Now, let’s get to the post!

how to sell digital products for bloggers

How to Sell Digital Products for Bloggers + 5 Incredible Ideas to Get You Started

First Things First

I’m going to be going over things that I learned from the launch of my first two digital products (TBWP Planner and SMBOP Planner) – some lessons learned, if you will.

These lessons are not talked about frequently, and for what reason? I do not know.

I think bloggers and businesswomen should be more open about their failures so others can learn from them, rather than hoarding all the information to themselves and watching other (newer) bloggers stumble over and over again.

Just my two cents on the issue.

So, you’ve come to the right place if you want to know what I would do differently next time around (along with some other key points about launching digital products).

Determining Your Product

Here are a few things I wish I had known about determining which product to create and sell to my readers prior to creating and selling my digital products:

1. There are so many places to go to find out what products would be ideal for your readers.

First of all, you definitely want to check with your readers before doing anything else! Remember that nice email list you have so carefully created? Utilize it!

Send your readers a one-question-email and ask them what exactly they need from you in order to be successful within your niche.

But that’s not the only place you can go to determine what kind of digital products would be ideal for your readers. Here are the other places you can go to:

  • Facebook Groups: I talk more about this in my book (and also in this blog post), but for now, just know that Facebook Groups are a great source for determining the kind of product you want to create. Don’t limit yourself to just blogging Facebook Groups, either; if you’re in the motherhood lifestyle niche, for example, check out mommy Facebook Groups!
  • Popular Websites: I’ve learned this as I’ve grown – but keep up with popular websites (and not just blogs). Some popular ones I like to check in on from time to time (keeping in mind that I am in the mom & women’s lifestyle niche), whether it’s to get ideas for content or product ideas are:
    • Good Housekeeping
    • Marie Claire
    • Cosmopolitan
    • Martha Stewart
    • Rachel Ray
    • Oprah
    • Stepmom Magazine
  • Talk Amongst Your Friends: You will learn a lot just from your friends if you pick their brains about products that may help them. But if you’re in a different niche than that, talk to friends who have similar interests. Are you in the healthy lifestyle niche? Talk to people at your gym. In the food niche? Talk to chefs and waitresses when you are out to eat. The possibilities here are endless.
  • Talk It Out with Someone You Trust: My husband is always my go-to “talk-it-out-er” person. If I have (what I think to be) a great idea about something, I always go to him first. I tell him the idea and see what he thinks. He often redirects me where needed, adds additional ideas to my pitch, or simply says “no” that will not work. Whatever the case, make sure you have someone you can use as your “talk-it-out-er” person, as I like to call them.

2. Once you determine your product…

Do not share it with anyone!

Not your closest friend or family member (other than your talk-it-out-er person). Trust me on this.

Too many have made the mistake of sharing it with a “friend” in a blogging group and this “friend” ends up taking the idea and running with it.

I don’t want this to happen to you.

Producing Your Product

Okay, now you’ve determined the digital products you are going to create – so now you just have to create it!

When you begin producing your product – let’s say you are creating your product in Canva, for instance – make sure you take the time to make a quality product.

For The Busy Woman’s Planner (TBWP), it took me a month and a half to create from start to finish. Now, some may look at TBWP and think “how in the world did it take her so long to create that?”

Well, let me tell you why it took me so long: I wanted the highest quality printable planner for women that I had ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot.

One thing you’ll notice once you dive into digital products is that a lot of them have not been looked over with a second and third eye – this is more for the editing stage, but please make sure someone looks over your work before you begin to sell it!

What would be worse than to have a reader about to hit the button on purchasing your product only to notice a spelling error – and then to immediately doubt you and anything you produce? That would be awful, wouldn’t it?

Make sure this doesn’t happen to you by using the highest quality sites for producing your product (I do recommend Canva!) and having someone (or multiple people) look over it once you are completely finished with it. You’d be surprised at how many things you overlook when you are excited about something and just ready to start selling!

Launching Your Product

Launching your product is the step that you honestly need to spend the most time on prior to selling your product.

As mentioned in my book, there are so many great resources out there for how to launch a product. Just Google it.

For now, I will share with you the things I wish I had done differently when launching my TBWP and SMBOP:

  1. I wish I would have taken longer to launch my product: please don’t be in a hurry to launch your product. You’ve spent all this precious time on it – there is no sense in rushing it out the door. Make sure you take the time to create a great “build-up” to launch day – so that people are eagerly awaiting the product and ready to pounce on it the moment it is released!
  2. I wish I would have NOT done a giveaway around my product during launch: biggest mistake EVER. I thought that by doing a giveaway, I’d draw more people into my first launch with TBWP, but in all actuality, I drew more people away and only drew in those wanting a free giveaway product. Rookie mistake. Don’t make mine. (I’m not saying don’t ever do a giveaway – but wait at least a solid month after launching your product to even consider doing a giveaway with it.)
  3. I wish I would have limited the number of people I had review it for testimonies: here’s the thing about testimonies – yes, they are great to have for product launches (before and after) – however, in order to get those first testimonies, you typically have to give your product away for free. This truly hurt me. I gave away way too many TBWP’s in order to get testimonies to put on my site. Looking back, I honestly would have foregone the testimonies and simply waited for actual product reviews from people who had purchased my planner. However, hindsight is 20/20 so my warning to you is simply this: limit the number of products you give away for testimonies (one of the greatest reasons for this is because many people do not reciprocate – a lot just take the product and run and mysteriously disappear to never be seen again – major bummer).
  4. I wish I would have stuck with my original price for my planner: Originally, I had my planner at a higher price. I thought this was a steal considering how much work I had put into it and how great of a product it was – but I also knew that this was a price I was confident in using because I knew I would make a good profit off of it. When I first launched the product, I had a wave of new buyers and it solidified my choice for that price. However, as the “newness” wore off, so did the number of orders – and with that, rather than being patient and giving it time, I immediately slashed the price in half and thought this would make more people want to buy: guess what – I was WRONG. This made less people want to buy because I think they wondered why it had drastically been reduced in such a short time from launch. Bottom line up front: go with your gut when you are pricing your product, and be okay with it being slightly more than the competitors. As long as it’s selling (at a somewhat-steady rate), you will be okay. Don’t undersell yourself. More on pricing your product a bit later (below).
  5. Keep your confidence: There is a reason why you decided to make your product. There are a number of reasons why! People needed this product (if you surveyed them the way I have previously mentioned). Don’t undersell yourself and definitely don’t give up hope or belief that you can make this work. Selling digital products is not easy and it takes time to get a steady income from it, but it is possible. I lost confidence too quickly and looking back, I realize I shouldn’t have.
  6. Keep making your product better: Just because you have launched does not mean that it is time to wash your hands of your product and never revise it again. Every good digital product will require revision from time to time. Don’t forget your babies (your products)! They need your attention even after they’ve been released into the wild.

Marketing Your Product

So once you’ve launched your product, the hardest part is over! You can relax!

The next part of digital products are marketing them. Marketing is something that will be continuous until you decide to no longer sell your products.

Hear me when I say: without being “spammy,” market your products wherever and whenever you can!

Place an ad for your product in your weekly and monthly emails to your readers.

Place an ad for your product in every single blog post.

Place an ad for your product on your home page.

Place an ad for your product throughout your social media platforms.

Create pins for your product, create social media graphics for your product.

Find ways to share your product in Facebook Groups.

Find other bloggers that are willing to share your product in their blog posts or with their email lists.

The possibilities here are endless. Bottom line up front: market your product whenever and wherever you can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions that I get in regard to digital products.

How Do I Price My Product?

Unfortunately, there is no black-and-white answer to this question. For starters, like I mentioned above, I would have to say do not, under any circumstances, undersell yourself or your product.

You know how long it took to create your product – keep this in mind when pricing it. (If it is a one page document that took 10 minutes to create, don’t price it at $30).

Check comparable products & competitor’s pricing. It’s okay to price above competitors (just make sure you are fully confident in your product before doing so). If you’re looking for quick money, however (and not necessarily long-term success, price it slightly below competitor’s pricing).

How much did your product cost to create? My book costs quite a bit (because I actually published it and have an ISBN number, and also hired a graphic designer to design the front and back covers) so I knew I had to price it to make some of that money back. Keep this in mind when pricing your product.

Use psychological pricing. There is a great article about pricing strategies that you definitely should read – one of the things it mentions is “psychological pricing.” So, for example, instead of pricing your ebook at $40, price it at $39. It is way more appealing when it appears to be closer to the 30’s than the 40’s.

How Many Email Subscribers Do I Need to Start Selling a Digital Product?

The easy answer: none! You can always market your way to sales without even having email subscribers.

However, yes, having a good amount of email subscribers will help with your product sales. I had around 100 subscribers when I launched TBWP.

Just remember, though, often times your product sales will be outside of your email lists. For example, my planners are all on Etsy and I get FAR MORE sales through Etsy searches than I do my email subscribers.

My suggestion here: don’t limit yourself to the idea that you have to have a large following in order to launch a product – sure, it helps, but it isn’t everything (if you have done your research & if you market & advertise in as many places as possible).

I Still Can’t Think of a Digital Product to Sell, What Do I Do?

Well, friend, you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to give you 5 awesome digital products that you can sell starting today.

Keep in mind, I am in the mom & women’s lifestyle niche – so these products do well in this niche (and most of my readers fit into this niche, so I am catering to them by listing products applicable to them here).

  1. Planners: Planners just stay popular. When I say “planner” I do not mean one that is shipped to someone completely bound and ready to go – I am talking about printable planners. These can be planning pages, a planning set like I made, or something different. Planners do really well within our niche. I recommend selling your planner via Etsy (to reach a larger audience), but there are many other places in which you can utilize to sell your product.
  2. Ebooks: You can write an ebook on anything. And unlike me, you don’t need to worry about publishing your ebook. Simply create an ebook in Google Docs or in Canva (my favorite) and sell it via SendOwl.
  3. Stock Photos: Stock photos don’t get enough love in the blogging world! I have a friend who’s number one source of income is through selling her stock photos! She sells them on her website as well as through a third party site such as Pexels.
  4. Presets: Presets are a highly sought after commodity for bloggers and those in the social media business. They are super easy to make and super easy to sell. You can sell them almost anywhere (your site, Facebook, Etsy, Instagram, etc.). Highly recommend looking into this!
  5. Customized Digital Products: You definitely need a great “inner circle” within the blogging and social media business to get the word out for this, but once you have it, creating customized digital products for other bloggers is a HIGHLY profitable business. I have several friends who do this (and got started on Facebook) and claim this as their number one source of income.


Well, there you have it friends! The Digital Products 101 Guide for Bloggers.

I hope you got all of your questions answered here – but if not, reach out to me anytime – I’d be glad to help you further.

Please share this post on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! The more women who read this, the better!

Next Steps

If you are new here, welcome! My name is Leslie and I am the writer and founder of Leslie W. Blog. You can read more about me here.

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That’s all for today friends, thanks so much for joining me! Thanks for reading and as always, take care.

how to sell digital products for bloggers
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Angela Fry
2 months ago

This is such great information. Thank you so much for sharing!

2 months ago

Ohh I love this I was just talking to my husband about wanting to sell a product. These tips were very useful.

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Very useful tips—very admirable!

Jill DeMasi
Jill DeMasi
2 months ago

Thank you for sharing your experience. These are very helpful tips. I’ve made some of the same mistakes. I am excited to use this as a resource going forward.

Jennifer Bradley
2 months ago

I hear you about the giveaways for testimonials, as well as not being afraid to price your product for what it is worth. I have an online course that teaches women how to curate their wardrobe so it works with their body shape, coloring, and personal style and I’ve been tempted to slash the price from time to time – this is just what I needed to read! Thank you!

2 months ago

Your blog is awesome! I haven’t gotten quite to this point yet in mine, but I am going to bookmark this post for future reference. Hopefully I will be getting there soon.

2 months ago

Such great advice! I’ve only started with free one page printables on some of my posts. I would love to create something bigger😁 thanks for sharing this.

Sabrina DeWalt
2 months ago

Good food for thought. I would like to explore ways to create income but not really interested in affiliate marketing on my blog.

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Great tips! I’ve been looking into selling digital products.

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Lisa S
2 months ago

Excellent information!

2 months ago

This is so helpful if you want to start selling! Thanks so much!

Onome Joseph
2 months ago

Amazing read! Straight to the point and highly informative. Thank you Leslie.

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Cindy Mailhot
Cindy Mailhot
2 months ago

This is so informative. I have been toying with this idea but I haven’t committed yet.

2 months ago

Great ideas and suggestions. The possibilities are endless online.