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Top 8 Digital Products to Sell Online for an Amazing Passive Income

I’ve noticed lately in my Facebook group for bloggers (as well as many other groups) that a lot of bloggers have been struggling to come up with digital products to sell.

So, I decided to lay it all out there today for you in my top 8 digital products to sell online for an amazing passive income.

Even if you think you know all the possibilities, I can almost guarantee you that this list may surprise you – I think you’ll find at least once product you had never thought of before!

Before we get started, I want you to check out these recent posts of mine that I just know you will love:

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Now, let’s get to the post!

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Top 8 Digital Products to Sell Online for an Amazing Passive Income

First Things First

how to start a blog

Before you get started with determining which digital products to sell, you must have a blog!

Read this post to go over the 8 simple steps to starting your own blog.

A Means to Sell


Next, after creating your blog, you will need to have a means to sell your digital products.

I recommend selling through either Etsy or SendOwl. Those are my two favorites.

Etsy has a lot of potential to take off as your own “shop” online, whereas SendOwl makes it super easy to sell something like an ebook or e-course.

Both are great, you just have to browse around the two to determine which one you want to use.

There are countless other means to choosing a place to sell your digital products, these are just the two that I favor above all.

Use Canva to Create Your Product


When it comes to creating digital products to sell, I recommend using Canva.

In fact, I recommend jumping through the hoops and just going for Canva Pro to begin with.

Canva is an awesome site that allows you to create just about anything – documents, labels, graphics, posters, brochures – you name it and you can create it there!

One tip I have when working with Canva is that, if you can’t find a template in Canva that you like, look to Etsy to find your favorites. I have found many templates for my ebooks, graphics, and more just through Etsy (and then I have uploaded the templates into Canva to finish the process there).

Top 8 Digital Products to Sell for an Amazing Passive Income

digital products to sell

Now, let’s get to the “meat and potatoes” of the post: the top 8 digital products to sell for an amazing passive income.

And let me say something before we get into the list – the best part about these products, much like the ones I have created, is that you truly can make a passive income from these digital products to sell.

A passive income simply means an income you make yet are not actively involved in.

Take, for example, my Etsy shop. I opened my Etsy shop for regular purchases in March of 2020 and since have made over $1,000 from sales there – without lifting a finger!

All I do is create a product in Canva, advertise & market the product for a couple weeks, then post it in Etsy with a link on my blog and social media platforms and – boom! My product earns me money without me doing anything.

Now, let’s go over my recommended top 8 digital products to sell for an amazing passive income:

1. Ebooks


Ebooks are probably the #1 product you can create and sell for an amazing passive income because of the ease in creating an ebook and the fact that you truly can market them for decent prices.

Take for example my “Make That Money, Honey” ebook – I charge $34.99 for my ebook. It did take me a long time to create only from the writing standpoint. But, putting it together in order to sell was a piece of cake.

You can make ebooks on practically any topic out there, too!

2. Templates

canva templates

Templates are probably my next favorite on the list of digital products to sell because they are also very easy to make!

You can make templates for anything: Pinterest pins, Media Kits, Résumés, Social Media Posts, and more!

Again, I highly recommend Canva for creating templates (and any other digital products for sell).

3. Courses

online courses

Courses are great for passive income.

I personally have not created a course (yet) but do have several in the works.

Courses, once having mastered how to create them using sites like Kajabi, can make you a lot of money.

One of my favorite courses is Pinterest with Ell (you have to take this course if you haven’t yet – it is the “bees knees” of Pinterest courses). I also love Blogging Blastoff 2.0 (how I learned to blog).

4. Printable Wall Art

printable wall art

Printable Wall Art is probably one of the digital products to sell that you didn’t think about – but let me tell you, Printable Wall Art is very popular.

I have a few in my Etsy store – but some bloggers create an entire income off of their Printable Wall Art alone!

They are fairly easy to make in Canva, and you can really design any design you’d like, which is nice. I recommend looking into this type of digital products to sell if you are at a crossroads and just cannot decide on a product to sell!

Another note about Printable Wall Art – use SmartMockups or templates for mockups on Etsy to create the images you use to advertise your art (such as the images here).

5. Printables


Printables are probably the most popular type of digital products to sell – just about every blogger out there has some sort of Printable (whether for sale or not) and can tell you how easy they are to make!

I always make my Printables in Canva.

For an example of my Printables, check out my Free Resource Library – they are all there!

6. Logos & Design Services

logo & design services

A couple months ago, I started making logos & graphics as part of my income strategy – and that venture has been very successful.

I have about 10 clients right now whose logos I am working on & several lined up for next month.

It is fairly simple to get started with logo design (if you have the knack for it) and again, you can use Canva to create logos.

If you are going to invest the time in logos & design services, I highly recommend creating what I call a “Client Work Profile” and using that as your visual Résumé to provide to prospective clients.

You can obtain your own Client Work Profile, just like I have done, by getting my Media Kit Manifestation, which also includes a full-size media kit.

7. WordPress Themes

wordpress themes

For those of us who are more technologically inclined (as far as coding goes), WordPress Themes are something you can create in the realm of digital products to sell – and you can do so for quite an amazing price, too.

If you’re interested in reading more about creating WordPress Themes for income, check out this site.

8. Stock Photos

stock photos

Finally, last but not least, as far as digital products to sell goes, Stock Photos are a great venture.

If you have a decent camera (even the new iPhone has a great camera you can use), you can create mockups, flat lays, and other kinds of Stock Photos to sell.

If you are going to sell Stock Photos, I recommend selling them in bundles or having a monthly subscription service from which your customers can purchase their photos.

Marketing & Advertising Your Digital Products

blog post

If you want even more information on marketing & advertising your digital products to sell (the next step in this process), I recommend reading this blog post or purchasing this book for more in-depth information

Take Aways

Well friends, I hope you now feel like you have far more ideas for types of digital products to sell & that your brains have been working overtime throughout reading this post just from brainstorming alone!

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Next Steps

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That’s all for today friends, thanks so much for joining me on today’s post about the top 8 digital products to sell! Thanks for reading and as always, take care.

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Sabrina DeWalt
1 month ago

Thank you for the ideas. I might have to look a little more into stock photos.

Mariah French
1 month ago

It’s true, your list definitely went over some ideas I hadn’t thought of before. I can’t wait to try them out and make some passive income!

Tricia Snow
Tricia Snow
1 month ago

Great tips! I am going to look in to these! Thanks!

1 month ago

The hard part is picking a few. I want to do to many things and they all take time. Great tips!

1 month ago

You have amazing tips and helpful info! Thank you so much for sharing. I hadn’t even thought about selling digital items on etsy, but I am definitely looking into it! THANK YOU!

heather J jandrue
1 month ago

Thanbks for sharing these tips. I signed up for your e-mails as well. I am gearing up for a big 4th quarter, so this is super helpful.

Elaina Mogren
1 month ago

Great ideas for additional income. Thanks for sharing.

Charlene Hartley
1 month ago

I need to look into more of these options. After blogging for several months, I don’t have the monetization part going like I thought I would.

Cindy Mailhot
Cindy Mailhot
1 month ago

I love this! I am considering selling items online!