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Click-Friendly Blog Post Titles: 8 Steps to Writing the Perfect Blog Post Title

Blog post titles – they’re hard to write, aren’t they? It took me months to figure out how to write the perfect blog post title. Today, I’m going to share with you all my secret tips and tricks to doing so!

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Now, let’s get to the post!

blog post titles

Click-Friendly Blog Post Titles: 8 Steps to Writing the Perfect Blog Post Title

1. Use the RankMath Plugin

I can’t possibly say enough wonderful things about the RankMath plugin. I’ve been using it for several months now (I used to use Yoast) and I will tell you – it’s been a life-saver when it comes to SEO.

One thing I particularly love about RankMath is how easy it makes it to write the perfect blog post title.

RankMath scores the SEO of titles in 4 different ways:

  • Focus Keyword at the Beginning of the title
  • Title has a Positive or Negative sentiment
  • Title contains 1 Power Word
  • You are using a Number in your title

By using these 4 different ways to measure title readability, RankMath makes it practically impossible to mess up the SEO of a title.

The first thing I do when writing my blog posts is decide on a title. I know, because of using RankMath, that I need to include my keyword, I need a number in the title, and I need a power word and a negative or positive sentiment.

RankMath is a must-have for bloggers!

2. Use the Hoth’s Headline Generator

Another tool I like to use when it comes to blog post titles is the Hoth’s Headline Generator tool.

I’ve been using this tool for nearly a year now (since I started my blog) and it never dissappoints.

It’s as easy as inputing a few pieces of information about your blog post and then submitting the information and allowing the tool to come up with hundreds of blog post titles that are SEO-written and ready to go.

I absolutely love this tool and love that it’s free. Highly recommend.

3. Use UberSuggest for Keywords

Before you write your blog post titles, you have to make sure you know the keyword(s) you are going to be using in your post – because you want to include said keyword(s) in your blog post title.

One place I like to go in order to figure out my keywords is UberSuggest. UberSuggest is an awesome free service that helps you determine keywords, what is being searched most online, what has the most power in terms of views, etc.

I always start with keywords before typing my blog posts, then go straight to my blog post titles.

I highly recommend you utilize the free service from UberSuggest to determine your keyword(s) before determining your blog post titles.

4. Include a Number in Your Blog Post Titles

I know I have already mentioned this within the RankMath plugin section, but it’s worth mentioning again: make sure you are using a number in your titles if you want them to be clicked on.

Using numbers in your blog post titles ensures people are more eager to click on your post when they see it in Google, Pinterest, or elsewhere.

You can easily use a number if you section your blog posts out with numbers – I almost always do this – whether it’s a post about my favorite soups or my favorite self-care tips, I have always been able to associate a number with my posts, and I highly recommend you do the same for max clicks.

5. Include a Power Word in your Blog Post Titles

Besides numbers, another thing you should try to include in every blog post title is a power word.

Power words are words like “excellent” or “amazing” or “incredible” that bring out emotion in the reader.

These words are best to use for SEO purposes because they inspire the reader to click on your title as they will have an emotional connection to it as soon as they see the power word.

RankMath has published a list of hundreds of power words (that I frequently refer to when creating my blog post titles) and you can find them here. I highly recommend you bookmark this page so that you can refer to it each time you are writing your blog post titles.

6. Break Your Title Up into Two Sections

One thing that has helped me when writing blog post titles is breaking the blog post title up into two sections.

Take this blog post title, for example. Originally, I wanted to title it “How to Write Click-Friendly Blog Post Titles” – however, this title didn’t include power words, numbers, or positive/negative sentiments. So, I restructured it.

My new blog post title, “Click-Friendly Blog Post Titles: 8 Steps to Writing the Perfect Blog Post Title” is much more SEO-friendly (thanks to the RankMath plugin).

By sectioning your blog post titles into two, it allows you to add in those key components of a good blog post title – every single time. So, consider this the next time you’re writing your blog post titles.

7. Update Your Titles Based on the Year

One word of advice – if you have evergreen content (which is content that is good year-around, or content that you post each season that you simply update one or two pieces of), update the year on your posts.

This is just a simple suggestion and a way to get more clicks on your blog post titles while also keeping them updated.

8. Search Similar Articles for Ideas

I am by no means trying to recommend that you take someone else’s idea by saying this – I am simply saying that you should look around at similar blog posts to be inspired with a blog post title.

I do this a lot – especially when I am drawing a blank. Reading others’ blog post titles can help to motivate you and inspire you to find the perfect blog post title for your post.

Just do not copy them word-for-word (hopefully this is common sense)!

Take Aways

Well friends, that’s all for click-friendly blog post titles – I really hope you will use these suggestions the next time you sit down to write your blog post title.

Remember – blog post titles are the very first thing your reader sees before clicking on your link – so they are super important in terms of traffic and SEO (which is why I’ve dedicated an entire post to them).

If you’d like to read more on SEO, please check out this post where I share with you my top SEO tips.

Also, Neil Patel is an incredible resource for all things SEO.

Next Steps

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Debbie Lilly
2 months ago

About to step up my title game! Thanks!