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Ads for Bloggers: Why Your Ads are Missing the Mark & 9 Effective Ways to Fix Them

Hi friends & welcome back to the blog! Today I am going to talk to you about ads for bloggers: why your ads are missing the mark & 9 effective ways to fix them!

If you’ve read my book, you know that in Chapter 5, I approach ads for bloggers & how to properly set them up to make money. Well, today I am going to give you an updated version of Chapter 5.

I recently switched from Google Adsense (whom I highly recommend) to SHEMedia for ads and am very happy. But, since a lot of bloggers may not qualify for SHEMedia, this post is primarily about Google Adsense and how to get the most out of their ads for bloggers.

Before we get started, I want to share with you some recent posts I’ve written, as I know you will love them:

Also, before we get started, I want to tell you about my brand new book that just hit the stands on Amazon a few days ago. My book is called “Make That Money, Honey!” and is a book for bloggers who want to turn their blogging as a career into a sustainable profit and who want to become professionals in the industry.

My book goes through 19 chapters and includes “secret” information that most bloggers do not like to give out (I am simply different, I don’t mind sharing because I feel that my success should be shared with you to encourage your success!).

In the book, I go over SEOFacebook Groups for businessaffiliate marketing, ad placementsponsorships, and so much more. It truly is the last book you’ll ever have to purchase in order to figure out how to get to the next level of bloggingYou can purchase it by going here now!

Now, let’s get to the post!

ads for bloggers how to

Ads for Bloggers: Why Your Ads are Missing the Mark & 9 Effective Ways to Fix Them

Realize the Pros and the Cons of Running Ads

You may have already experienced this before: everything is going great on your blog, but one day, you decide to do a speed test on your site (after reading that speed is a contributing factor to bounce rate and reader retention) and realize that your site’s speed is way below what it should be for maximum functioning and reader happiness.

What do you do? Well, you probably look into ads for bloggers on Google some more on Google and find out that ads can contribute to much of your site’s slowing down. 

But then, you realize that if you remove your ads, your readers will never get used to seeing ads on your page, and whenever you do get to 30,000 page views, you wouldn’t want to suddenly introduce ads and throw anyone off.

Let me stop you right there. First of all: you’re reading way too much into ads for bloggers & the rest of this (I know this from my own experience.)

Second of all: you are right, ads can slow down site speed – considerably.

Third of all: I am going to outline exactly what you need to do in this situation – as this situation is the most common one I have been asked about in regard to ad placement on a blog.

How to Place Ads Effectively

Now, let me start by saying: I am no ad expert – okay? I simply know what I know from trial and error with Google Adsense and using ads for bloggers.

That being said, here are a few key points I have learned along the way in regard to placing ads for bloggers effectively on your website:

  1. Do make sure you have ads on your site, from the very beginning: the reason for this? Well, just like mentioned above, it is so that your reader gets used to seeing ads as you grow. You definitely don’t want to suddenly spring ads on your reader three years into your blogging journey; instead, gradually build on your ad placement as you learn more about ads and as you grow.
  2. Do make sure you have at least one ad running on your homepage: why? Well, simply put, it’s because this is going to end up being one of your top landing pages for your site. Top landing pages need ads because traffic to ads generates money. Pretty easy, right? Let’s move on.
  3. Do make sure you include at least one ad per blog post: why? Again, simply put, this is because your blog posts will be your other top landing pages (think: Pinterest and social media referrals). You want ads in places where people land because landing equals traffic and traffic to ads equals money.
  4. Don’t place ads that are overly distracting: you want to place ads that go along with the layout of your blog. The easiest way to do this is to use Google AdSense (see the next section).
  5. Do make sure you are keeping track of your ad performance: This is also easy to do by using Google Adsense. I check this weekly to see which ads are performing best and ensure there are no issues with any of my ads; I also use this to take out ads that are not performing well.
  6. Realize that yes, ads will slow down your site a bit, but they shouldn’t slow it down to the point where your site takes more than 5 seconds to load. If that is the case, you need to look more into factors that affect site speed and figure out the source of your problem.

How to Place Ads in Google Adsense

Placing ads for bloggers is something that I personally know many bloggers do not want to even think about. Bloggers are naturally writers – not necessarily computer “people.” But do not fret – I’m going to tell you the easiest way to set up your ads with Google Adsense for max profit and max site speed.

To set up your ads for maximum profit and site speed, follow these steps in Google Adsense:

  1. Go to Google Adsense Home – Ads – Overview
  2. There, in Overview, you will see at the top of page three types of ads: “Display,” “In-Feed,” and “In-Article” ads
  3. To set up any one of these, it is simple. Simply click on the type of ad you want to make (so, for example, “display” ads).
  4. Choose what style you want (square, horizontal, or vertical) – I choose square for my homepage ad.
  5. Name your ad unit at the top left portion of the screen.
  6. Click on “Create” at the bottom right side of the screen.
  7. Copy the HTML code for your new ad unit.
  8. Past the HTML code in between the <body></body> tags of the pages on which you want your ad to be displayed.
  9. Bam – you’re done! Your ad may take up to 24 hours to show up, but you are done!

Which Types of Ads to Place Where

So, which types of ads do you place where?

Remember, there are 3 types of ad units you can create in Google Adsense: display ads, in-feed ads, and in-article ads.

Here’s a quick go-to guide for which ones to place where:

Display Ads: These should be placed on the homepage of your blog.

In-Feed Ads: These should be placed on pages other than the homepage of your blog.

In-Article Ads: These should be placed within your blog posts.

Remember: I recommend placing only 1 ad on your home page (and if you want, 1 ad on all other pages of your blog), and at least 1 but no more than 3 within your blog posts (lengthy blog posts are the exception).

Ad Aesthetics

Google Adsense (thankfully) takes care of how your ads look and makes them fit in quite nicely with your site. 

However, here are a couple of other rules of thumb when it comes to ads:

  1. Place your ad on your homepage on the right sidebar: this is simply known as the best place for an ad on your blog’s home page.
  2. Place your first ad within your blog posts “above the fold.” This is in reference to newspapers – newspaper ads are typically always above the fold because this ensures people will see the ad even if they do not read the entire newspaper. The same works for your blog: place the first ad “above the fold” or after the first 2-3 paragraphs, so that it gets maximum exposure. All other ads can be placed below the fold as they are for the readers who read your entire blog post.
  3. Check your Google Adsense regularly: just like I mentioned previously, you want to make sure you are checking in on your ads regularly to see if there are any that need attention or maybe one or two that need to be removed because of lack of profit.

Making Money Off Ads

It will definitely take some time to make money off your ads. At the point in my blogging career (month 8) that I actually wrote this portion of my book, I was making around $50 a month from Google Adsense.

However, at this point (month 10), I am now with SHEMedia and am making $100 a month from SHEMedia.

Sure, that number is not ideal, to say the least – but it is something! It comes out to $1200 a year, and for that I am happy.

Ads require traffic to be profitable. The more traffic you start generating, the more you will see your ad profits rising.

Just during Mother’s Day week alone, I made over $35 on ads because of such a high volume of traffic. Two days before Father’s Day I made $12 in one day off of my ads! You will see your ad profits fluctuate like this with extremely popular posts or viral pins. 


So, other than reading the rest of my book in detail, this post hopefully answers a few more questions that you have about ads and Google Adsense. 

Remember, once you get to 60,000 monthly page views, you can apply for Mediavine (which is much better than Google Adsense and will generate a much higher profit for you) – and at 10,000 you can even apply for Monumetric! I was at 15,000 views when I applied and got accepted to SHEMedia.

I hope you will walk away from this post feeling slightly more confident about moving on in the world of ads!

Next Steps

If you are new here, welcome! My name is Leslie and I am the writer and founder of Leslie W. Blog. You can read more about me here.

I write a lot on mom & toddler things, but also on stepmom & business topics as well.

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That’s all for today friends, thanks so much for joining me! Thanks for reading and as always, take care.

ads for bloggers how to
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5 months ago

Theses are all great tips! Running ads can definitely be confusing for us new bloggers so this is really helpful!

Caressa Walker
5 months ago

loved this post! I have been blogging for 7 months now and do not know the process I need to take to place ads on my website. I guess I need to start there with research.

5 months ago

Great advice! It is so important to monitor which ads are being displayed on your site, you never want any that go against you brand’s values or ones that may be off-putting to a site visitor!

5 months ago

As a blogger who isn’t currently running ads, I really appreciate this resource! Thanks for sharing!

Leticia Carpenter
5 months ago

These are really great tips, I am currently delving into ads and hoping to make it to the big leagues (Mediavine) one day!