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What Are You Struggling With?

So tell me, mama, what are you struggling with?

  • Are you trying to find ways to clean your house while having a toddler run around?
  • Are you trying to figure out how to fit in self-care into your busy life?
  • Are you trying to think of ways you can be healthier in simple ways?
  • Are you searching for a place where stepmoms can go to for support?
  • Are you trying to figure out how to start a blog and make money from it?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, trust me when I say: I am here to help you. I can help you navigate to the right place. For starters, here are the answers to the above questions:


But that’s not all. I have actual solutions to your problems.

Case in point: The Busy Woman’s Planner (TBWP). I created this planner in March of 2020 after years of not ever being able to find a planner that was well-suited for my crazy, busy, jam-packed lifestyle. I guess sometimes we have to create the things we need most!

Shortly thereafter, for all the business babes out there, I created the Social Media & Blog Organizer & Planner (SMBOP) – think of it as a “sister” to the TBWP.

Now, 8 months after having started my blogging journey, I am about to release my first ever book, “Make That Money, Honey!” wherein I tell you exactly what to do, step-by-step, to start a blog and become successful and profitable at it – fast.

I also have various categories and sections on my blog, to help you even more:

Who is Leslie W.?

Welcome and thanks for joining me! My name is Leslie and I am a 35 year old mother of 3 living in California! I have two older stepsons, Noah and Jonah, who are 20 and 13, and a toddler, Harrison, who is 2. I am married to the love of my life, Eric, and we have been married for 4 and a half years.

My favorite things include my family and the precious time I have with them, writing, making and creating things (I love a good DIY project), saving money (I am the queen of clearance), and watching a good crime-drama on Netflix.

Why I Started Blogging

Let me share with you why I chose to start this blog. There are two reasons: I absolutely love writing and always have, and I absolutely love helping others. Because I am a new(ish) mom, a stepmom, and a businesswoman, I write to help other women who identify with those “titles”.

I started this blog in October of 2019 and have loved every minute of it since. I absolutely love blogging, the blogging business, and most importantly all the amazingly incredible women I have met and become friends with along the way. Blogging is something that makes me really happy…and I am a firm believer that we should do our best to go after those things that make us happy!

I truly felt that if I started a blog, I could help other women and mothers find joy in our everyday lives, while also being able to help them along the way. I strive to do this every single day as I write & produce content for my VIPs.

A Freebie!

As a thank you for stopping by today, I want to give you something.

I recently made a new planner – The Minimalist Women’s Planner (MWP) just for my new subscribers. Go ahead, take a look! Inside you will find a daily, weekly, and monthly planner to suit your needs while helping you to stay minimal (and in as little stress as possible) throughout your days and weeks.

Go here now to grab your MWP!

Thanks for Stopping By

You will find a lot on Leslie W. Blog – anything from tips on helping your child when they are sick to my top 5 practical and doable tips for real self-care to a post about something stepmom-related. Literally, you will find it all on here!

I am so glad you are here and I truly appreciate your time and love! Please make sure you sign up for my VIP e-mail list (above & below) so you never miss a post, and go subscribe to and follow me on my YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter!

Thanks so much for reading, and as always, take care.