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Welcome to Leslie W. Blog! I’m Leslie, the one-woman show behind the blog – and I am so happy you’re here!

A Little Bit About Me…

  • I have three sons (kind of, haha)…Harrison (3 years old), Jonah (14 years old), and Noah (21 years old). If you haven’t already guessed, Jonah & Noah are my bonus sons!
  • I’ve been a full-time working mom, a part-time working mom, and a SAHM (I am currently a SAHM and probably will be until Harrison goes to kindergarten). None of them were easier than the other…but all were 100% worth it.
  • After 17 years of what doctors & therapists thought was depression & anxiety, I was finally diagnosed with bipolar 2 disorder in September of 2020. It’s been a journey since then, to say the least. I am excited to share more about this in upcoming blog posts & resources. Stay tuned!
  • I really enjoy creating things – painting, crafting, DIY’s, graphic design, you name it. I am “in my element” when I am creating!
  • My favorite way to spend money is via the Target & Amazon app, haha. But seriously, I love being able to invest in my son’s lives by buying music lessons, dance lessons, swim lessons, etc.
  • One of my favorite “hobbies,” if you will, is bargain shopping. I am always scouring the web for deals – deals on baby or kid’s clothes, teen clothes, clothes for me and my husband, home decor, home essentials – you name it. That’s why I enjoy bringing you product reviews – I try my best to give you the best products I can find for the least amount of money – it’s a win-win!
  • Gift receiving is my love language (which, I just recently discovered is not a bad thing – it’s the effort in receiving gifts that I cherish the most).
  • Having a good mom friend or two keeps me sane. I don’t know what I’d do without them.
  • My education background is in psychology & child & adolescent development (BA), education/teaching (MAT), and K-6 education (CA state credential, K-6). So, as you can see, I love children & education & everything in between!
  • Okay, this is super cliché, but honestly – I could not do all the things I do without the support and love from my wonderful, dear husband, Eric…thank God for him.

I also love: putting on concerts in the car when I’m by myself // cuddling with my sweet little rescue pup, Max (and my sweet rescue kitty, Jackson) // date nights with my husband // reading a good article online (mainly on something related to Harrison’s current stage of development) // backyard dates with my best friend // the feeling I get after a good run // chips & dip (french onion dip – there’s truly no other way)

I started this blog because I have always loved writing and, as a SAHM, I felt I needed some sort of creative “outlet” while my son was napping – thus, the blog. Since I couldn’t decide on one particular topic, I named it Leslie W. Blog. If I had to do it over again, I’d probably name it something like “My Imperfect Mama Life.” I always write with the hope that my blog posts reach the right mama at the right time – whether they are funny posts, serious posts, sad posts, inspirational posts, or product reviews, I always hope and pray they reach someone in a place and time when they need it most. If nothing else, I love knowing that this little blog is a place where other moms can come to simply realize they are not alone and that their thoughts & feelings in this thing called motherhood are indeed valid. 

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