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7 Kid-Friendly Common Cold Remedies | All Natural

What do you do when your little ones have a cold? Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do in terms of modern medicine. But, thankfully, there are some natural remedies you can use to help ease their symptoms and lessen the chance of their cold lasting longer than it should. Today, I’m going to tell you about these remedies!

The common cold affects adults 2-3 times a year, but for children, even more. To this day, there is still no cure for the common cold. For parents, sometimes the common cold seems far worse in children than adults (and sometimes it is).

These 7 remedies are all-natural and are ones that, for the most part, you probably will not have to leave the house in order to do. There are a few ingredients I will go over that you will have to purchase, but I’ll leave a link for those to make it easy for you.

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7 Kid-Friendly Common Cold Remedies | All Natural

1.) Give Elderberry Upon Noticing the First Symptom: My friend Nicole, from Everyday Thrifty, says that elderberries are so important for fighting a common cold: “Elderberries have been used for HUNDREDS of years for medicinal purposes. Elderberries are the fruit from the Sambucus nigra plant. They contain antioxidants (specifically anthocyanidins), antivirals, and nourishing vitamins such as Vitamin A, Fiber, Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Vitamin C, and Folate!

She even has a recipe for homemade elderberry syrup. I typically give Harrison (my 2-year-old) either elderberry syrup or elderberry gummies at the first sign of a cold (runny nose, fever, coughing, sneezing, etc.). While it may not completely steer the cold away, it does lessen the severity of it and shorten the days he has it. Perfect for your sweet little ones. Plus, it’s a win-win!

2.) Keep Children Hydrated as Much as Possible: When a child isn’t feeling well, oftentimes they will not drink or eat as much as they usually do. But hydration is so important for making cold symptoms lessen or go away.

One trick I use if Harrison isn’t wanting to drink anything is using a medicine syringe to give him “doses” of water every 15-20 minutes. We were shown this trick by a nurse in the hospital when he had hand foot and mouth disease, and have used it ever since.

Staying hydrated is so vital to our physical and mental health – it’s important that we as parents stay hydrated, as well. I wrote a blog post about this with a totally FREE printable, if you’re interested. Go here to check it out.

My friend Ajoke has a nice recipe for a Honey & Lemon Drink that would be great made hot and then chilled for a child. Check it out & let her know what you think once your child tries it.

3.) Use Essential Oils: We have been using essential oils for years now. I always buy through Young Living (in fact, I used to sell YL oils). I love their oils and their “seed to seal” they offer.

Their Thieves oil is the absolute best. For adults, placing a drop under your tongue at the first sign of an illness can work much like that of Zicam (or even better). For small children though, simply rubbing some Thieves and a carrier oil on the bottom of their feet can do wonders for steering a cold away.

You can also diffuse Thieves oil and buy oils like Purification to purify the air in your house when your children are sick. I love their Kids Scent line with oils for things like sleeplessness, coughs, colds, etc. Check them out and stock up so you are ready when cold season hits! It will help your children tremendously.

4.) Make Sure You’re Using an Air Filter & Purifier: A few years ago, after an especially bad year of allergies in our household, we decided to invest in an air purifier for both upstairs and downstairs, after reading how helpful they are at purifying air inside especially with pets, etc.

I tell you what – they have worked so well it just amazes me. Our colds and sicknesses have plummeted since having them, and so have our allergies. While yes, we still get sick, it’s not nearly as often.

I highly recommend you check out an air purifier and find one that you like for your household and start using it today. It will truly help your children when they do happen to come down with the common cold.

5.) “Medicine Juice”: When I was a nanny (years ago), I came up with something that the girls I nannied called “medicine juice” to help with their coughs and colds. It is truly a simple recipe but helps so much with common cold symptoms and children typically love it.

All you do is grab one of your child’s cups and place either a spoonful of honey or agave (if you’re vegan) inside the cup. Then, fill the cup halfway with very hot water. Stir the syrup and water together until completely dissolved. Then, fill up the rest of the cup with cold apple juice. Bam. Medicine juice is done.

Seriously – the girls I nannied absolutely loved this and requested their “medicine juice” every time they were sick. It was the perfect temperature for a little bit of warmth, plus sweet enough with the honey/agave and apple juice that kids just love it!

Try making some medicine juice for your child & see what they think. Chances are, they’ll love it too (and bonus: the warmth will soothe their symptoms).

6.) Rest. Lots of Rest: Children need rest when they are sick. They need to stay home and rest. Period. Thankfully, because of today’s access to electronics and TV shows, rest is typically pretty easy for children. Plus, when children are sick, they won’t want to do much as it is.

If your child is resisting rest, try encouraging it with a brand new TV show or movie they have never seen – or a “new” toy that hasn’t been played with in a long time. You can also make up games or find fun “restful” games online or on Pinterest.

Bottom line: make sure your child is getting enough rest so that their cold will go away quickly. Make sure you are taking care of yourself, too, while your child is sick. You need to practice self-care just as much as they do while they are ill!

7.) Check to See if it is Allergies: One thing I’ve learned in being a nanny for four years, a stepmom for 5, and a mom for 2, is that sometimes allergies can present themselves as the common cold.

This has happened to two of my children; when nothing else seemed to work and we decided to take them to the doctor, and after some allergy testing, allergy medicine is what actually made them better.

So, if your child has been sick longer than you can remember, and none of the above steps are helping, take them to the doctor and ask about the possibility of allergies. You’ll be glad you did.

That’s all for today’s post, friends. I hope you learned something new from this. Make sure to bookmark this page for easy reference in the future, and share with your friends. Also, pin this page to Pinterest so others can see these 7 tips as well.

If you’re looking for remedies for the flu, check out my friend Tamara’s post on The Best Flu Remedies for Kids. Also, if you’re wondering how to shorten the life of a cold, in doing more than just taking elderberry or Thieves, check out my friend Lisa’s post on 10+ Ways to Shorten a Cold Naturally. Additionally, you can find out more information on the common cold by going to the CDC’s website here.

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Thanks so much for reading, friends, and please, take care of yourself and your beautiful family!

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2 years ago

Great suggestions! We are big on Elderberry syrup and essential oils in this house! Thieves and Purification are awesome!

2 years ago

Love these tips! I swear by Essential oils in our house! I’ve also heard good things about Elderberry I’ll have to try it.