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6 Tips for Keeping a Clean and Organized Home with Toddlers

Hi friends & welcome back to the blog! Today I want to share with you 6 tips for keeping a clean and organized home with toddlers.

If you’re anything like me, a mom with a toddler (2.5 years old), you know how hard it is to keep your home tidy, organized, and clean on a daily basis. Sometimes it feels nearly impossible. However, with these 6 tips (most you have probably never considered) you will be on your way to a clean and organized home daily with your little ones.

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a supertired mom

This post is a guest post by my blogging friend Saima from A Supertired Mom. Saima has two little boys and likes to share tips and advice for mothers on her blog – you will love it! Make sure to check it out here before you leave.

Now, let’s get to it!

how to keep your home clean and organized with toddlers

6 Tips for Keeping a Clean and Organized Home with Toddlers

Having a toddler means having a grinder without a lid. Yes, you read that right. They are cute but at the same time, maintaining cleanliness in a house is very tricky. Toddlers like to throw things in every nook and corner and even afterwards, they are ready to turn the cabinets upside down. They are little balls of energy and chasing them all day is a hard task. 

If you are a “clean freak”, then you probably want to pull your hair out while around a toddler. They scatter all the things you have stored in cupboards and toy boxes in the blink of an eye and do so within minutes. But, thankfully, there are ways in which you can manage your home’s cleanliness and organization with toddlers around. 

Let’s have a look at 6 tips and tricks on organizing your home and keeping it clean while living with a toddler.

1. Close the Doors

Why not close the doors of rooms your toddler does not play in and let them make a mess in only one area? 

This hack works when you have many rooms in a house. They can make a mess as much as they want if other room doors are closed first.

This way, you will only have to clean the area your toddler is playing in and the rest of the rooms in your house will be spick-and-span.

Keep things confined and let the magic work.

2. Opt for Minimalism

Time to say goodbye to all the unwanted toys and clothes now. Don’t ever hoard things and toys based on the “just in case” mentality (unless you have a very effective storage system and space for such in your home). Things get cluttered otherwise.

If your kids are not showing interest in a particular set of toys, and you do have room for storage, put them away for another day or for toy rotation. 

Also, you can donate or get rid of them. Don’t fool yourself by buying stuff in the name of different occasions and ending up hiding them under the sofa or a bed.

Prioritize your needs and only buy important, useful things for your kids.

3. Start Making a Cleaning Schedule 

I swear by cleaning schedules – they really do work. But how? 

Set a time to clean a specific area every day. When kids are taking a nap, time to pick up a duster.

Clean those areas which require extra attention and love. Do not utilize this time by doing routine work such as doing dishes but try to do other, more specific cleaning at this time.

For example, change the cushion covers, wipe the cupboards, or mop the floor.

Change the locations daily so that you have time to clean the house and you will not get bored – plus, everything will be cleaned throughout the week.

the busy woman's planner

If you need a planner with a good cleaning schedule, check out The Busy Woman’s Planner here. Lots of room to write your cleaning schedule in these pages.

4. Quick Clean Before Bedtime

I know, that as a mom of toddlers, you are tired – but this quick clean before going to bed will make your mornings so much easier.

When kids are asleep, take some minutes to do a quick cleaning and organizing. Do the dishes, pick all the things off the floor, and wipe the dining table and kitchen counters. You may even have time for a quick vacuum.

By doing this, you will save time the next day and, your mornings will be less chaotic.

Trust me, this tip always works and you will start your day with a smile.

5. Lock Drawers and Cupboards

Putting a lock on each drawer and cupboard will save you time and effort.

It might not seem useful but it really is important to have locks. Toddlers like to pull things out from a drawer every time they get a chance. By locking drawers and cupboards, you are ensuring these areas stay clean and tidy throughout the day.

More importantly, it can be dangerous to have drawers and cupboards unlocked as toddlers can pull things out which can sometimes hurt them.

Putting a lock on it will save you from an additional round of organizing and cleaning.

6. Have a Place for Everything

The biggest problem a mother faces is putting things in their respective places.

You spend half of the day picking things off the floor and keeping them in their bins. Why not teach your kids the importance of choosing the right spot for every toy? 

Urge your kids to put things back in their right places so that the house looks clean and tidy. Start telling them about the places you have chosen for their toys, books, and sippy cups.

This way, you prevent having to shout about picking up books lying on the couch or toys lying on the floor.

As a bonus, your children will learn the habit of organizing from an early age.

Final Words

Children are the biggest blessing and they make our homes full of life. Having a toddler is a 24/7 job, yet you get paid in kisses and warm hugs. Their health and wellbeing should be of vital importance and, for this, a house should be clean and maintained. 

Organizing a house while having toddlers can sometimes be very tiresome – but, following these 6 tips and tricks, you can save yourself some sanity. Try them and see your life become easier and more simple.

About Saima

saima from a supertired mom

Saima is a mom of two cute boys. She blogs full time at A Supertired Mom and shares relatable experiences, tips, tricks, joys, and challenges of pregnancy, motherhood and raising children. When not writing, she is eating pizza and sipping strong tea. She loves glitter, celebrations, and beaches.

You can find Saima on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.


Thanks so much, Saima, for such a helpful, insightful post on keeping our homes (and lives) clean and organized while in the presence of our precious toddlers. I know I learned a few new tips today and I’m sure you all did, as well!

Please make sure to check out Saima’s blog, A Supertired Mom, and let her know Leslie sent you!

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1 year ago

Having a place for toys so your child knows where to put them is a great idea. Also I’ve seen your list of what chores to do on different days of the week so it is not overwhelming. Giving away toys for free to parents who really have a need for this is something I love to watch ❤️