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6 Essential SEO Tips for Beginners: What Really Matters for SEO Optimization

Hi friends, welcome back to the blog! Today I’m going to go over 6 essential SEO tips for beginners and what really matters for SEO optimization.

For starters, let’s talk about what SEO is. According to, “SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.”

But why is SEO so important? Well, I don’t know about you, but I dream of the day when my blog is not found by the thousands of Pinterest Pins I have Pinned recently – or by all the social shares I’ve completed – but, rather, organically through readers’ keyword search on Google. I want people to find me naturally and organically. I’m sure you do, too.

The key to blogging success is to get to that level – the level wherein your traffic is coming from organic searches on Google (or other search engines) and not from you sharing your information in a thousand places.

Let’s Make This Simple

I will be the first to tell you that I am not an SEO expert – no way am I even close!

However, I have learned quite a bit about SEO since beginning my blog in October 2019.

I have taken numerous courses on SEO but to be honest, they almost all say the same things, so I want to share with you what they say to prevent you from having to spend a lot of money on a course about one topic.

There are really 6 key steps to practicing the best SEO you can possibly practice. So, let me share with you these 6 key steps.

seo tips for beginners

6 Essential SEO Tips for Beginners: What Really Matters for SEO Optimization

Step 1: Produce Good, Quality Content

This step is pretty common sense, if I do say so myself. BLUF (Bottom line upfront – a Navy term) is to make good content so that readers and Google (and other search engines) will recognize you and begin to follow you. It’s as simple as that.

Good content means content that is relevant to your niche, backed by facts (if necessary), and captivating.

I never, ever post something that is not my best work – I just won’t do it. Everything I post is always the best piece of content I can possibly master and produce, period. I recommend you do the same.

Step 2: Keyword Research & Implementation

I can’t imagine a day far in the future where keyword research and implementation will not be important to the blogger – seriously. I think it always will be.

Think about it: whenever you type something into Google to search, you don’t type in a full sentence – you use keywords to find out what you are searching for. For example, if I am trying to find a good Mexican restaurant in Phoenix, I don’t type in “what is the best Mexican restaurant in Phoenix” – well, I can (which is a long-tailed keyword), but most of the time I would type in something like “best Mexican restaurant Phoenix.” This is what keywords truly are.

When you come up with a blog post to write, you should first, and foremost, begin your keyword research to determine what keywords are being used most frequently around that content (and which ones are recognized most by Google, etc.). 

Once you have SEO optimized keywords, you try to implement them as often as possible in the most natural way possible within your blog post.

If you have Yoast SEO plugin (I recommend this), you can input a keyword focus to help you even more. But this is not absolutely necessary.

Keyword research & implementation is among one of the most important parts to great SEO – and always will be.

I should also mention, my two favorite places to go to for keyword research are Ahrefs Keyword Explorer and UberSuggest.

Here’s a great post if you want to read more on keyword research.

Step 3: Headlines

Headlines, believe it or not, are a huge part of SEO as well. Think about it: what do blog headlines look like? Whatever you pictured in your head just now is probably an example of a good SEO-friendly headline for a blog post.

Make sure your headlines are short, sweet, to the point, and attractive. I like using Keyword Planner and Blog Title Generator to help me out with headlines – I also like to search what others have used and try to use a version of this for my own posts.

When you can include a number in your headline, do it – people love quantifiable headlines. Also, make sure you are using exciting words that will draw your readers in (just like how I used “essential” in this post’s title).

It’s best practice to utilize your most important keyword within your headline, too, so keep that in mind.

Here’s a post on writing good headlines if you want to read more about how to title blog posts for SEO.

Step 4: Your Blog Posts are Optimized for SEO

For the best SEO ever, your blog posts need to be SEO optimized content – in a certain way.

To do this, you want to make sure you are using various header sizes for various categories and subjects within your posts, as well as great header titles (using keywords) and even lists and numbers where appropriate. (Look at any of my blog posts and you will see these standards implemented on each one.)

This will help with SEO tremendously. Remember, SEO is not that complicated – it’s just a big stew of various parts of blogging and website use that gets combined together to make for a highly-sought-after link for Google to recognize and then promote.

Here’s a great post on how to SEO optimize your blog posts if you’d like to read more.

Step 5: Backlinks

One of the best ways to get Google to recognize you and start placing you higher and higher in searches is to get backlinks to your website.

Backlinks are incoming hyperlinks from one web page to another website. Simply put.

To get backlinks, one way is to guest post – this also helps you network with other bloggers which is always a recommendation of mine! When you are just beginning, try aiming for a blog that has a DA (domain authority) of over 10.

Another way to get backlinks is to use infographics to post on Pinterest & have them linked to your blog.

Finally, you can simply promote your content in order to get more backlinks (promote in Facebook Groups, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.)

Here’s a post on backlinks for beginners if you’d like to read more.

Step 6: Original & Engaging Content

When it comes to SEO, don’t stress too much. Just write what you want – at the best quality you can – follow all the other steps in here – and watch it play out and work for you over time (it’s not something that comes quickly).

The more original, engaging content you are providing (with keywords, headlines, etc.), the more Google will start to notice you and include you in searches. Period.

Original, engaging content always takes first place. Remember that.

Here’s a post on writing a great blog post every time, if you’d like to read more.


I could have written a lot more about SEO – but I don’t want anyone getting too overwhelmed. Honestly, if you follow these 6 steps and are always putting out top-quality content, it will come with time – one day you will wake up and see your organic traffic starting to grow & you will know you have been doing the right thing.

Just remember, it takes time. It’s not an overnight fix. You have to practice it – that’s why you often hear it referred to as “SEO best practices.”

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Next Steps

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seo for beginners
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Ceci Rey
6 months ago

These are great tips! Not just for the beginner blogger, but for seasoned ones too! 🍕👓🚢

6 months ago

Great SEO advice Leslie, thanks for sharing!

6 months ago

Love this. SEO is so useful today!

Katie @ Teacher and the Tots
Katie @ Teacher and the Tots
6 months ago

Thank you for this wealth of great information! I would love to improve my keyword research and you have such great tips and resources. Thank you!

Homeschool Money Mom
6 months ago

I use Yoast plugin for mine, and I love it.

6 months ago

Hit the mark on this one Leslie. Excellent tips. SEO is a game changer once learned how to utilize it. Thanks for all the info.