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5 Simple Ways to Quickly & Efficiently Grow Your Email List

So, your blog is up and running (now that you have followed all 8 of the money-making blog set-up steps). What’s next?

Well, that’s easy: you want to set up your email list

I highly recommend using Mailer Lite for your email list (followed in close second by Constant Contact). The ease of their site and the results you get back from it are unfounded in the blogging business – truly. You will love them.

So how exactly do you set up a successful email list? Well, for one, with patience. It takes some time to build your email following – but it will happen.

Let me tell you exactly what steps I took to quickly build my email list from zero subscribers.

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grow your email list

5 Simple Ways to Quickly Grow Your Email List

Step 1: Create Catchy Landing Pages and Forms to Embed within Your Blog Posts

You should have two embedded forms per blog posts, and at least two landing pages disguised as something else on your blog’s homepage. 

What I mean by “disguised as something else” is, for instance, I have a link on my homepage called “Join the VIP Team.” I’m sure not many people realize when they click this that, ultimately, what I want from them is their email address so that I can add them to my email list. I also have one titled “Free Resource Library” – but in order to gain access to the library, the reader has to subscribe to my email first. 

You want to ensure you are creating good incentives for your forms and landing pages, i.e. printables! Printables are key! If you just Google “ideas for printables for blog” you will come up with thousands of ideas for your next free printable. 

Some of my top-performing free printables are as follows:

  • checklists (think: cleaning checklist, organizing checklists, etc.)
  • to-do lists (people love having new to-do lists) and task lists
  • meal plans
  • how-to guides (on practically anything!)
  • planners and calendars

Your landing pages and embedded forms and printables are key to getting your email list going.

Step 2: Send Out Ideal Emails

What I mean by ideal is that you need to send out emails you would actually want to read (and wouldn’t click out of.) 

This means short, sweet, to the point, and full of “hot tips” and “tricks” and “freebies” that your readers will appreciate and use. 

Sure, there are times that I send out more wordy emails than others, but most of the time I try to keep it short & sweet – I even use bullet points to do this sometimes, too.

Step 3: Save Your Lengthy Emails for Your Monthly Newsletter

You want to set up a monthly newsletter (feel free to call it something other than this, mine is the “Leslie W. Magazine,” for example) and include certain pieces of information in it for your readers. 

These pieces of information include, but are not limited to: a break down of what all was posted the prior month, a break down of what is to come for the current (new) month, a freebie or two, any new products you are selling, tips & tricks that are applicable to your niche, a coupon for one of your products, and a note from you (personalized). 

I swear, this formula is the key to a successful newsletter! 

Step 4: Check In On Readers From Time to Time

From time to time, check in on your readers with a super quick email. I have found this to be very successful in building relationships with my readers. 

Every now and then, I will send an email with one or two sentences simply just asking how my readers are doing, or maybe asking them one simple question about something relative at the moment, and ask them to reply to me via whichever email address I am using. 

You wouldn’t believe the responses I get! I think, most importantly, this strategy helps readers see you as a person, rather than a machine

It’s important. Use it.

Step 5: Advertise Your Email List Everywhere You Can

Use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and any other social media platform you are on to advertise all the amazing things your readers will get if they are subscribed to your email list. 

It works. 

Take Aways

So, like I said, I have used the above five steps to build a very successful email list that I am proud of – and now you can, too!

Now, you not only have a money-making blog completely set up and ready to monetize, but you also have an email list set up and ready to monetize from that as well.

Next Steps

The next step? Actually monetizing! Join me on this blog post where I go over four very simple steps to actually monetizing your blog.

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Thanks so much for stopping by today, friends. Please share this on Pinterest or send it to someone who may find it useful! As always, take care.

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Megan | The ABC Mom
5 months ago

Oh my gosh, this is exactly the blog post I needed today! I’ve just created my first printable for my blog and set up the email sequence. I was SO NERVOUS that it wasn’t going to work! But keeping up with my subscribers is one of the hardest things for me. I’ve built another email list for a blog in another niche and have hardly done anything with it. So I’m going to start cultivating that list (and my new one). Thanks for the advice!

5 months ago

Wow thanks for the great information! I will have to have this and come back to reference it later!:)

Erin Apple
5 months ago

This is so helpful! I actually needed some tips to grow my email list because I have been slacking in this department. Thank you!

5 months ago

So many helpful tips! I’ve seen so many people popping up only when they have to sell sth..

5 months ago

Great info. I probably need to advertise my list more often on other social platforms. Thanks!