5 Easy & Developmentally-Beneficial Sticker Activities for Toddlers

Hi friends & welcome back to the blog! Today I am going to share with you a post on 5 easy & developmentally-beneficial sticker activities for toddlers! This one is a fun one!

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My blogging friend, Sarah, from Sarah Chesworth wrote this post and I just absolutely love it. My son is 2.5 years old (as most of you know) and really loves his stickers. I didn’t realize until reading what Sarah wrote that stickers are so developmentally-beneficial for toddlers.

As a teacher, and mom, I know how important developmentally-beneficial and appropriate activities are for our children. This is part of the reason why I was so interested in Sarah sharing this post with you all today! Early childhood education is Sarah’s passion, and you will be able to sense this when reading this post.

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Now, without further ado, let’s see what Sarah has to say about these 5 easy & developmentally-beneficial sticker activities for toddlers!

sticker activities for toddlers

5 Easy & Developmentally-Beneficial Sticker Activities for Toddlers

We are entering a new phase in my house called “entertain the toddler.” Having a toddler comes with a whole new set of challenges and I am always looking for quick, easy, no prep and FUN activities to do with my little one! That’s why sticker activities are a favorite!

Stickers are inexpensive, easy to find and no mess. Well, no mess as long as you make sure they are stuck in the intended places! This post will give you a few, fun sticker activities for toddlers.

Benefits of Sticker Activities

First, let’s start with the benefits of sticker activities for toddlers.

Peeling stickers is great for working those teeny tiny finger muscles and strengthening fine motor skills! When I taught Kindergarten and students were struggling with cutting or writing, I always recommended stickers! Fine motor skills are very important for learning how to hold a pencil and write. 

Peeling stickers also requires bilateral hand coordination. That means both hands are involved in the work, but each are doing different tasks. So in this situation, one hand it holding the sticker sheet while the other is peeling up the sticker.

Visual scanning is also required as little ones as they decide what stickers to use.

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1. Make a Sticker Picture

Let your child create a picture with stickers. Give them a piece of paper and let them go to town with stickers and crayons to create any picture that they like. Then, have them TELL you about their picture! This is such amazing language practice for them and can help get those creative juices flowing.

2. Practice Counting

counting with stickers, dot sticker activities

Just draw dots on a paper with a marker. Next, your child will put a stick on top of each dot. This activity promotes one to one correspondence. Then, count the stickers together! Doesn’t get any easier than this!

Write down a number and have your child put that many stickers with it!

If your little one is still working on what numbers represent, draw little dots for them to match each sticker to!

3. Decorate a Shape

This is especially fun for toddlers who are just getting started with sticker activities. Draw a seasonal shape (like a heart, egg, snowman or shamrock)  for your little one to decorate with stickers. Just peeling the stickers off the page is so good for those little finger muscles!

4. Sticker Matching Game

sticker matching game

Have sheets of random stickers? This activity is for you. On a blank piece of paper, create two columns of mixed up sticker pairs. Your child will draw a line to connect the matching stickers! SO easy!

You can also have your child peel and stick a sticker to its match on a piece of paper.

5. Trace Names, Letters, Numbers or Shapes

letter tracing with stickers

The more print your child is exposed to, the better! One of the first words your child understands is their name, so it makes sense that this is usually one of the first words they can read too! Just write a letter, name or number with a marker and let your child trace it using stickers!

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Tips for Sticker Activities

  1. The bigger the sticker, the easier it will be for little hands to peel. Start with bigger stickers and work down to smaller ones. This should be fun and an activity that your little one can feel success with!
  2. Create manageable tasks for your toddler. It’s no secret that little ones have little attention spans! Maybe start with “writing” your child’s name with stickers and just do a letter a day or even just a few stickers at a time. It may take a while to complete, but that’s okay!
  3. Make it big! When you are doing sticker activities with toddlers, write everything much bigger than you normally would so they can be successful!


What a fun, insightful post about sticker activities for toddlers, Sarah! Thank you so much for sharing these simple (yet developmentally-beneficial) activities with us!

sarah chesworth

If you want to learn more about Sarah, and find tons of more activities for your toddler or preschooler, head over to Sarah Chesworth now. Let her know Leslie sent you!

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