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25 Life-Changing Organization Tips & Hacks from Real Moms

Hi friends & welcome back to the blog! Today I am going to share with you 25 life-changing organization tips & hacks from 25 real moms!

I have reached out to real moms from within the blogging community to share with me their top organization tips & hacks so that I can share with you – and that’s exactly what we’re doing today!

So, if you have been feeling a little unorganized or put together lately, have no fear – these 25 organization tips will surely help you in your home & life.

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Now, let’s get to it!

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home organization tips and hacks from real moms

25 Life-Changing Organization Tips & Hacks from Real Moms

1. Bins in the Foyer

“I have a ‘stuff that belongs to other people’ bin in my foyer! Great for things I needed to return to people- scarves and earrings left from a game night, clean Tupperware from food drop-offs, letters for family who used to live at our place that weren’t forwarded yet, books finished and borrowed from neighborhood friends, and the odd kid’s water bottle or lovey an anonymous mom didn’t know she left behind from a play date.”

-Midori from

2. Gift Wrapping Station

“I have a gift wrapping station stored in an under-the-bed storage bin so it can easily be pulled out as needed. Houses wrapping paper, flattened gift bags, tissue paper, cards, and tape all in one small, organized space.”

-Kinzy from

3. File Organizer for Homeschool Storage

“I use file organizers (both wall and table top) to store puzzles, coloring pages, EI therapy logs and educational materials/binder games, and instead of buying a new toy organizer, took an old bookcase and purchased the same primary color bins you’d get with a toy organizer. Then I printed pictures of what types of toys to store in each, and my 2 year old has learned how to sort his toys and keep them organized as a result.”

-Erin from

4. Reusing Altoid Cans

“I reuse Altoids mint cans for almost everything small. I organize my office/school supplies with them … and I am kind of obsessed with office/school supplies. Things like small binder clips, paper clips, etc. Also, the cans work great for holding bobby pins in my bag/backpack and gym bag.

-Melinda from

5. Reusing Breastmilk Bags

“Use breast milk bags for everything! Freeze small portions of baby food, transport liquids while traveling, keep small objects out of the bottom of your handbag. Breastmilk bags for the win!”

-Meegan from

6. Create a Capsule Wardrobe

“Create a capsule wardrobe to save space, time and money.”

-Clara from

7. Baskets for Everything

Baskets for everything! I have all my bathroom stuff separated into different baskets (skincare/deodorant, make up, hair products, hair tools, etc) as well as in my pantry (breads, breakfast items, snacks for me, snacks for my kiddo on his level so he can grab them, rice and pasta, etc). The dollar tree is a great place if you don’t want to spend a bunch of money! Keeps everything in its place.”

-Sarah from

8. Declutter Weekly

“I declutter weekly because it helps me feel more organized in our small home.”

-Kallie from

9. Honeycomb Organizers for Underwear Drawers

“I like to compartmentalize my underwear draw with a honeycomb method. Basically you can get a draw organizer that sections off your underwear into smaller compartments within the larger drawer. This solves that annoying problem of having to play hide and seek with what you want to wear.”

-Chelsea from

10. Reuse a Kitchen Cart for Gift Wrapping Supplies

“I used a second hand wooden kitchen cart to become a gift wrapping station on wheels where all my gift bags, rolls of paper, tissue paper etc. could easily be kept together instead of in a plastic 3 drawer container that was difficult to move without being lifted and would not hold long rolls of paper.”

-Sandra from

11. Glove Compartment Make-Up

“As a working mum, I can’t always carry my handbag with me e.g. at nursery drop-offs I leave my handbag in the boot or if I’m popping out in the car without my handbag I just have my credit card in my pocket. I don’t always have access to any of the essential make-up. My hack is to keep some essentials e.g. eyeliner and lipstick in the car glove compartment. You know – just in case I need to look less of a mess.”

-Hong from

12. Use Hooks in Entryway for Less Clutter

“Use hooks just inside your doorway to prevent jackets, bags, and keys from cluttering up your entryway.”

-Holly from

13. Backwards Hangers for Closet Decluttering

“One of my best tips for decluttering a closet is to turn all of your hangers backwards. When you wear a certain item, turn the hanger around when you hang it back up. Over the course of a few months, you’ll be able to see which clothes you rarely wear – these are the ones to declutter. Just getting them out of the way will help your closet be more organized!”

-Jen from

14. Hang Kids’ Papers on Clipboards

“As a mom, the best organizational hack I’ve found is to put your kids’ papers on a clipboard. There you can keep routine lists, chore charts, important school papers, and anything else you need to access easily. It has eliminated lots of time spent looking for things and makes the kid morning routine a piece of cake. This has been a lifesaver with multiple kids!”

-Jennifer from

15. Ziploc Bags for Toys

“I use Ziploc bags and label them for any small piece that goes to his toys! This is a lifesaver because they often get lost in big containers or baskets. I just store them in his closet and remove them when he is ready to play.”

-Caressa from

16. Don’t Store Things in Original Packaging – for Aesthetics

“Don’t store things in its original packaging. Have designated containers for everything and label them. Only leftovers should be stored in it’s regular packaging and then put in a basket or bin. That way you can buy in bulk and just restore them in nicely designated storage containers. It’ll look clean, organized, and so satisfying.”

-Alaia from

17. Invest in a Good Planner

“One of my fave organization hacks is to plan everything! Invest in a good planner, that you love (that’s the important part), and write down all important events, things that have to get done, and goals!”

-Ali from

18. Use Opaque Storage Ware in Pantry

“Use non-see-through storage ware in your pantry. It lessens the visual clutter and makes your pantry look cohesive and tidy.”

-Leticia from

19. Use a Shower Caddy for Cleaning Supplies

“Put your cleaning supplies in a bucket or shower caddy. It keeps everything together and you can transport it easily between bathrooms if you need to. Saves you time as well because you aren’t trying to get everything together, so you’re more likely to grab the bucket and get going!”

-Camille from

20. Use a Label Maker

“Use a label maker! I love using a label maker for all my tubs, like seasonal decor items or things you put away for a while. Makes it so much easier to find what you’re looking for when you need it! Plus they are fun to use!”

-Amanda from

21. Shred What You Don’t Need

“I cut down on paper clutter by shredding what I don’t need. Anything I do need, I either scan to my computer or keep it in a safe.”

-Jenn from

22. Use a Shoe Organizer for Water Bottles

“I put all my water bottles and thermoses in a hanging shoe organizer, and it’s hanging in the pantry. Cut down on so much clutter!”

-Shannon from

23. Set Time for a “Weekly Reset”

“Take the time to plan out a ‘weekly reset’ that you can do once a week. I do mine on a Sunday afternoon and spend it doing small tasks such as: answering/decluttering emails, doing 10 minute tidies in my home, sorting through phone/desktop/paper clutter etc. Every weekly reset is unique to the individual so it is important to dedicate a bit of time to plan in advance, mine has increased my productivity so much!

-Katie from

24. Use a Grocery App

“I keep my grocery app open and add items to it as I run out. Then when I have a good sized order I schedule a pick up.”

-Mary from

25. Give Items Away through Your Local Buy Nothing Facebook Group

“Nearly every city has a “Buy Nothing” Facebook Group where you can list items for giveaway (you cannot sell in the BN groups) or grab items up for giveaway. It’s a fantastic way to regularly keep your home clear of clutter and it’s also a great way to find things you are needing for absolutely free.”

-Yours Truly


Well friends, there you have it! Those are 25 life-changing organization tips & hacks from real moms!

Tell me, what was your favorite hack? I’d love to know! Answer in the comments.

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Sabrina DeWalt
1 year ago

Great tips for organization. Some I already use, some I’m working on implementing and others are new to me.

1 year ago

These are great! I have never seen the honeycomb method…I totally am looking into that!

1 year ago
Reply to  judean

You have to be so organized when you have a family. I enjoyed that you had other moms contribute their ideas.

Kristen W Allred
1 year ago

Organization is hard for me so I really appreciate these tips.

1 year ago

I love these!! Great tips as usual and thanks for posting awesome helpful articles!

1 year ago

Great tips! I love the honeycomb and wardrobe capsule ideas!

1 year ago

#1 and #9 are fantastic!! This is a great list of ideas!

1 year ago

These are such helpful tips! I will have to incorporate some of these. I need help 🙂

1 year ago

I love the idea of having a return to so and so him! I find I stuff things to return to people in a cupboard and then it gets buried for 4 years! This sounds so much easier!!

1 year ago

There was a lot of great tips! And I do quite a few of these tips already! I love using a shower caddy for my cleaning supplies. I actually use a wicker one, it matches the decor in my home haha! Also, thanks for using one of my tips:)

1 year ago

These are some great ideas! My fav is the shoe organizer in the pantry to hold all the water bottles!

1 year ago

Love these organization tips! I am a big fan of cute bins and baskets, it’s so much easier when everything has a place!

1 year ago

I NEEDED this post in my life!! We became so unorganized afterthe kids got out of school, and now that they arent going back to a normal school routine it is only going to get worse.

1 year ago

I love these hacks. Especially the using baggies for the little toys. I did that when my kids were little and it helped.

1 year ago

Great ideas! I need more organization in my life!

1 year ago

Super great tips! Glad to see that I do a lot of them. My office, though… Scary. lol

Cindy Mailhot
Cindy Mailhot
1 year ago

Super great ideas here…especially for the return to school!

1 year ago

File organizers and baskets are essentials!!