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200+ Quick & Simple Toddler Activities to Try at Home

Toddlers (children ages 1 – 3 years old) are sometimes hard to keep occupied.

There is so much going on in their brains at any given point of the day that it is oftentimes hard for them to focus. This is natural and normal for their development, but it can be really tough for parents!

This is a list of 200+ quick & simple toddler activities to try at home that will keep your little one(s) occupied, engaged, and learning for a good 10 – 20 minutes at a time (which is a really great time to aim for when it comes to toddlers – anything more is just wishful thinking.)

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A Note about Supplies

Just a quick note – the supplies listed in the below activities are ones that I recommend having on hand at all times. There are so many different activities you can do using these supplies.

At any point, check out Busy Toddler, Days With Grey, or Toddler Approved to find activities similar to the ones below that use these same supplies.

You can always shop my Amazon store, too – I have lots of ideas for toddler activities at home there as well as categories such as cleaning, organization, skincare, and more!

Recommended Supplies for Toddler Activities:

Toddler Activities to Try at Home

200+ Quick & Simple Toddler Activities to Try at Home

1. Sticker Line Up

Simple yet beneficial for fine motor skills, the sticker line up courtesy of Busy Toddler is perfect for toddlers.

You will only need butcher paper, a sharpie marker, and dot stickers for this activity.

2. Sort and Drop Lego Bricks

Almost every toddler parent has Lego bricks at home, and regardless of the size, this activity from Toddler Approved is one that works on sorting, fine motor skills, and colors.

All you need is a shoe box, markers, and Lego bricks.

3. Matching Objects

Quite possibly my favorite activity, matching objects is great for size and shape recognition and sorting.

This is an activity from Toddler Approved and all you will need are various objects from around the house, markers, and construction paper.

4. What’s Magnetic?

Another activity from Busy Toddler, this one is really great for the curious (and STEM-based) minds out there.

All you need is a magnet wand, storage bin, and random objects from around the house (ensuring that some are magnetic, of course).

5. Stacking Cups

This is definitely the easiest activity to set up from this list. This is a great activity for toddlers to work on their fine motor skills and spacial awareness.

All you are doing is setting out cups (strewn about on the floor, in no particular order), and having your toddler stack them.

This activity is from Adventures and Play.

6. Crunch Box

Another activity from Busy Toddler, crunch box will be fun for any toddler. This activity is great for fine motor skills, tactile exploration, and sound exploration.

All you will need for this activity is a storage bin, toy hammer, and some type of crunchy food (like cereal, crackers, pasta, etc.)

7. What’s Missing?

I love this idea for toddler activities at home. What’s missing is great for building memory & patience skills.

It’s as simple as setting out a few objects on something like a wooden tray (I love this set because there are various sizes which allows for various types of toddler activities at home), talking about and pointing to each object a couple times, then having your child close his/her eyes while you remove an object, and then have them open their eyes and see if they can guess which object was removed.

This is an idea from Busy Toddler, as well.

8. Pouring Station

Pouring station is such a great idea for toddler activities at home.

This one is perfect for when you need a solid 20-30 minutes (or more) of time to get something done. Children typically love this type of activity so much that it engages them for longer lengths of time than other activities.

All you will need for this one is a shallow, flat, plastic tote (this one is pricey, I know, but you can use it over and over and over again for all types of sensory bins such as sand, beans, rice, and more), food coloring, and some pouring cups (and any other types of cups you have around the house).

This one is also from Busy Toddler.

9. Scooping Pom Poms

Pom poms are something you should always have on hand when you have a toddler! There are so many different uses to them!

This activity from Buggy and Buddy is really cute and very simple to set up.

All you need are the pom poms, some scoopers, and an ice cube tray – easy peasy.

10. Tape Road

This is another one of my top favorite for toddler activities at home!

Tape road is as easy as grabbing some painters tape, making roads with it, and giving your toddler some type of simple toy cars (these and these are my favorites – such great quality & no bells and whistles).

This activity is great for encouraging imagination (one of my favorite parts about it).

This is from Hands On As We Grow.

Additional Ideas for Quick & Simple Toddler Activities at Home

Because I’m sure (if you’re anything like me) you would like countless options for activities (sometimes you just need options depending on the day of the week and what you feel like doing – or what your toddler feels like doing), here are some more ideas for activites:

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